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Nailing it briefly, this epic Gorilla Tracking Mgahinga National Park adventure seems to be a catchy Uganda Safari as we locate our focus to trekking Uganda Gorillas in the 15 kilometre sized Uganda national Park seen adjacent to the city of Kisoro just about 55 kilometres by road, western part of Kabale – Known to be a unique place with increasing high fertility rates, and the ever monitoring coldness in the area.

Gorilla Tracking Mgahinga National Park with its Hiking and Trail Features

Gorilla Tracking Mgahinga National Park Where exactly do we find Mgahinga and what are the good compelling and interesting unique activities?. Well, A refreshing moment comes to a traveller, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is found in Kisoro District of far south-western Uganda. Remember this is the largest town in the Kigezi sub-region seen southwest of Kampala City, not only that, this engaging City curves in the baselines of the peaks of the Mufumbiro Mountains, that we know to be part of the – a home to the rare gorillas.

The good news is that, Mgahinga national park can be accessed by road. Expect to encounter with spectacular beautifully views of the three dormant volcanoes of the eight ; Mount , Mount Gahinga, and Mount Muhabura. The impressive and rewarding trails shall lead us to the and Gahinga, seen on the Uganda-Rwanda border, then, Sabyinyo forming a tri-point on the Uganda-Rwanda-Congo borders. Wake up early Morning for this mind blowing adventure, Our Driver will pick you from your hotel, Our clients are always advised to be on time very morning so as not to encounter with the traffic Jam, and as well as getting some ample time for stopovers in areas of your interest.


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Tourist Attractions – Mgahinga Forest National Park
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Arrive at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda: Our Driver/Guide will pick you from the Airport.

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Gorilla tracking Uganda Safari
Gorilla watching Uganda Wildlife safari
Birding UgandaMgahinga Gorilla National Park

An Aunthentic Guide to Mountain Gorilla tracking Mgahinga Nationa Park wildlife Safari

Wake up Early morning, have your breakfast. Then drive to kisoro town. Kisoro is approximately 43 kilometres, by road, west of Kabale, the largest town in the Kigezi sub-region.

Mgahinga’s ultimate success to comprise these scenic views is due to the good climate in the area-two rainy seasons varying February to May, then September to December.This valuable condition gives a welcoming nature to the inhabiting tropical moist broad-leaf forests of the Afromontane and Albertine Rift montane forests ecoregions.

The journey takes us through Uganda’s equator with a stopover in Town. You may take some photographs for your memorial adventure. Later, we proceed to town, have lunch at Agip Motel and continue through Kabale town. By road, one can access the park by use of a car from Kampala via Kabale to Kisoro. This journey takes about 8 hours. By air, one can board a plane from to Kisoro Airstrip which is near the park. This is the quickest mode of access and it takes about 1 hour. There are daily scheduled flights which must be booked long in advance with your local Uganda safari operator.

Gorilla Tracking is the main activity in this vicinity. Over 75% of the tourists who come to, come here because of this activity. Mgahinga is good for nature walks, forest trails, birding, hiking, mountaneering etc. You can be guaranteed to trek and see these primates (Gorillas). This place is known for a big number of over 400 Gorillas, being ranked as one of gazette with highest numbers.

Have an encounter with the , trek Nyakagezi gorilla group. This often moves in the adjacent forest parts of Congo and Rwanda. You can also make it to the National Park and have an encounter with the gazetted parks with these endangered species; there are two parks gazetted near other.

Mgahinga has a conducive climate that soothes your being, immediately as you enter into the park, be prepared and have Nature walks as you trek through the forests which will give you a life time experience. Gorilla Tracking Mgahinga trek starts from Ntebeko Main Entrance gate early morning by 8:00am and normally lasts for 2-4 hours depending on the weather/ condition of the atmosphere. Meet the Gorilla family, and have a life time experience by taking pictures (No flash cameras are allowed

It’s good to note that, the good time for this experience is during the two dry seasons when you can easily access the whole Park i.e. mid-December to end of February and June to October, however tracking them is still possible throughout the year. You are assured to fully manifester your gripping desire to reality when the trusted tour company gets set with your program.

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