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Gorilla Tracking Bwindi takes us through is done in southwestern Uganda on the edge of the western arm of the Great East African Rift Valley, about 530km from Uganda. The Home of uganda Mountain Gorillas is a mist covered and rain forest with one of the oldest national parks in Uganda and is a habitat of the only left giants in the world.

It’s a home to over 400 gorillas in bwindi national park with the best view to the Mgahinga national park mountain ranges with fascinating land forms seen in a distance on your bwindi gorilla trekking . is part of the and is situated along the Democratic Republic of the Congo, border next to the and on the edge of the Albertine Rift. Composed of 331 square kilometers of both and lowland forest offering a magnificent picturesque for gorilla Tracking Bwindi, This place can be accessible only on foot.

Gorilla Tracking Bwindi Sectors

The Buhoma sector was the first to be developed to habituate Bwindi Gorillas for Gorilla Tracking Bwindi and is the most popular of all the four sectors. It can be seen that other trails have been developed. The trekking of Uganda bwindi Gorillas takes us to four ie. , , Buhoma and Nkuringo sectors all habituated for Gorillas, and can be accessible on your Uganda Safari.

Getting there – Getting to Uganda bwindi national park

Bwindi impenetrable forest gorillas can be accessed either by air from Entebbe Airport or Kajjansi Airstrip or by road from Kampala. From Entebbe, there are scheduled flights to Kihihi which is close to the northern sector of Uganda bwindi national park and also flights to Kisoro which is close to the Southern sector of Bwindi. Flights to Kisoro only leave in the morning while Kihihi has both morning and afternoon departures from Entebbe. You can also do charter flights from Kajjansi Airstrip to either Kisoro or Kihihi. By road, there are alternatives that include;

Kampala-Kabale-Nkuringo Uganda bwindi national park also follows the same as the above routes to Kabale and an additional 105km about 4-5 hrs drive on a mountainous murram road to Nkuringo from Kabale. Some people prefer spending a night in Kisoro which is about 80km from Kabale and in the morning proceed to Nkuringo for Uganda gorilla tracking

Kampala-Ntungamo-Rukungiri-Kihihi-Buhoma Uganda bwindi national park: It is the quickest and most direct of all the routes from Kampala City and follows a tarmac rout to Rukungiri about 390km followed by murram roads to Buhoma for about 82km.

Kampala-Kabale-Kanungu-Buhoma Uganda bwindi national park: follows a tarmac highway until Kabale City for about 414km spending about 6-8 hrs and then connect on a murram road through Kanungu and Kanyantorogo for about 120km to Buhoma. For the latter route, it is highly recommended to have a 4WD vehicle and this journey can take about 4-5 hrs to reach Bwindi impenetrable forest gorillas

Kampala-Kabale-Ruhija-Buhoma Uganda bwindi national park: follows the same route as the above first option except the Kabale-Ruhija-Buhoma section is about 95km on a murram road and can take about 3-4 hrs to reach Bwindi impenetrable forest gorillas, we are highly recommended to use a 4WD vehicle for your bwindi gorilla trekking

There is also a route that goes through Queen Elizabeth National Park via Kihihi and to Buhoma passing through the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park famed for the tree climbing lions. Sometimes this route is not favoured because of the bridge which keeps on breaking down, thus might inturn delay our bwindi gorilla trekking safari

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Trails-bwindi gorilla trekking

Munyanga River Trails in the valley of Buhoma, which is a short walk for viewing birds and primates along the forest edge. Bwindi gorilla trekking is rewarding through the curving pointed hills, exposing you to the beautiful scenic views of different savana woodlands and vegetation as you penetrate through the giant tree species like Mahogany for your gorilla trek

The waterfall trail: passes beneath epiphytic ferns, tree ferns as well as orchids to visit three dazzling waterfalls, The enchanting pounding water falls give it a magnificent picturesque, spot out water birds floating in the water basins while others spreading their wings in quest for their prey.

The Rushura Hill Trail, Muzabajiro Loop Trail and the River Ivi Trail of which the latter follows an old raod through the forest, emerging near Nkuringo on the southern edge of the impenetrable forest.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Pack is really an interesting due to a high accessibility of number of Gorillas. The Park has four sectors ie. Ruhija, Rushaga, Buhoma and Nkuringo sectors all habituated for Gorillas, and can be accessible for the Gorilla Tracking Bwindi safari

The Nkuringo sector: lies closely to the Buhoma sector and is about 10km from Buhoma although this distance is covered by the Impenetrable Forest and a walk through the forest, this takes about 4 hours. The Local people at Nkuringo also operate a community walk to the traditional healer, rural homestead, blacksmith and brewers. This sector is occupied by two families i.e Nkuringo and Bushaho.

Ruhija sector: This a remote sector, loved by birders due to a large number of bird species The trek can take us around three hours to visit the Mubwindi swamp. This is where you can sight out numerous bird species. Gorilla families in this sector include; Bitukura, Ruhija and Kyaguriro.

Rushaga sector: This is located between Kabale and Nkuringo, its a popular bwindi trail for bwindi gorilla trekking prefered by many tourists and can be easily accesed when you are coming from the Capital City Kampala or Ruhija Secctor. It’s famous due to its high numbers of Bwindi Gorilla families which include: Mishaya, Nshongi, Kahungye, Busingye and Bishaho.

Other interesting features in Uganda Bwindi; The Buhoma community walk and cultural performances taking up to three hours visiting a typical homestead, the traditional healer and a banana beer brewery is organized by the local community. The Batwa’s cultural experience has been developed in this section of the park (these are believed to have been the first people to live in the bush forests). Gorilla families habituated for tracking in this sector include; Mubare, Rushegura and Habinyanja.

Gorilla trekking Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

This package is intresting, You can trek Gorillas with in four sectors ie. Ruhija, Rushaga, Buhoma and Nkuringo sectors all habituated for Gorillas, and can be accessible.

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Gorilla trekking Bwindi

We had to see gorilla habituations, i feel even had a chance to touch a Gorilla, that was a memorable safari trekking mountain Gorillas Uganda, i recommend it as the best place for gorilla trekking bwindi.

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