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   Golden Monkey Tracking
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Golden Monkey tracking Safari is one of the ultimate adventures in the jungle struck by undefined vegetation of the most pristine and yet little known destinations. Most of our travelers love tracking golden monkeys alongside a birding Safari or combining the Safari to include a gorilla tracking Safari, one of the most thrilling primates safari.

Golden Monkey tracking is an utmost adventure and will require you to book a permit prior visiting the jungle, African Adventure partners with Uganda wildlife Authority, and we shall help you secure a permit as well as arranging your itinerary to visit Mgahinga National Park. For those crossing for a Rwanda Golden Monkey tracking Safari in the volcanoes National Park, We still take you here.

On your golden monkey tracking Safari, our guide will take you to the secluded jungle to track these forest monkeys, one of the oldest world monkeys restricted to highland forests especially near bamboo. They tend to live in social groups of up to 30 individuals and we shall identify them by their golden-orange patch on the upper flanks and back.

If it’s a fruit ripening season, we shall track towards the areas with ripening fruits and during the rainy season, we only track through the shooting bamboo. When you see them, we shall find them in groups especially at lower elevations, observe where and how they feed from.

Golden Monkey tracking Mgahinga National Park can be a full day experience, with our guides, we visit this Pleistocene jungle that never fails to impress, with over 90% of seeing the Golden monkeys in their habitats.

On your Golden Monkey tracking Safari it’s very possible to tailor your itinerary with other activities, due to the fact that Golden monkeys are seen in the Volcanoes National Park, it’s possible to combine your Safari with gorilla tracking Mgahinga, gorilla tracking volcanoes national park or Volcano Hiking Safari (Nyiragongo Hike tour is the most recommendable). For a crossing tailored itinerary nearby Mgahinga National Park, don’t forget to visit the Opening theme of Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park listed with a harrowing look into the history of Batwa People – forest pygmies, the first people to live in this primeval forest as food gatherers.

For a memorable Experience, journey with us as we showcase and indulge you into the wilderness amenities that personify these destinations, their culture, cuisine, environs and wild outdoors with our professional and licensed tour guides born and raised in the outskirts of these jungles with a complete local guide. What are you waiting for? Send us an email at, tell us your interests you intend to have an experience with, time of travel, number of days and people in your group and we will customize a safari to suite your interests, time and budget. For solo travelers, we can arrange your solo journeys to have a perfect memorable tour.

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