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Giraffes are genus from Africa tallest ruminant with long legs and neck with distinctive coat patterns .The name Giraffe originates from Arabic word Zarafahik, the Arab name is translated as fast walker. They have spots on their bodies which camouflage.

In Uganda we have Rothschild giraffes which are also called Baringo or Ugandan Giraffes they have five horns, 2 at the top of the head same as other Giraffes 1 at the center 2 behind, it’s hard to believe looking at the neck of any Giraffe because they have the same amount of vertebrae as humans 7.

These Rothschild are unique from other giraffes with some of their features they have white socks up to their knees, coat dark patches and areas of creamy white through.

They have a beautiful color brown and yellow to them that’s amazing making the difference from giraffes despite of their height of 20feet tall Rothschild move at a speedy clip putting their first two legs forward then followed by the behind legs their actually known as the fastest species reaching 56km/hr.

If you’re seeing them run you may think they’re in a slow motion clip their bodies are designed to give them speed, power there are few animals that can move swiftly with the weight of 2800 pounds.

Reproduction females become sexually mutual at 4years of age well males at 5years however males wait at least 7 years to gain opportunity to become sexually active.

Older males prefer younger old females during their mating season males can assess female fertility by testing the females’ urine to detect estrus, well their gestation period is different from some other animals it takes about 400-460 days.

The female will give birth well standing when the calf is born its stands 1.7-2m tall with in few hours of birth the calves suckle for 1 month or more so. However 1-3weeks the calves spend their time in hiding but move with their mothers who gather them in nursery herds but usually live their young ones with one female in the group of males, females and their off spring, males do not take charge in raising their young ones females nurse the young ones for a period on one year Giraffes are actually good at caring for their young ones they use lots of non-verbal communication to encourage them in variety of ways.

Giraffes are one of the longest and have the  most mobile tongues of 45.6cm which they use to access their food on tall acacia trees to feed on leaves, fruits and flowers of woody plants with these savanna plantation Giraffes can go without drinking water because the leaves contain water which can  take them for a period of time.

They have amazing sight allowing them to see predators far many meters with a wonderful sense of smell and hearing alert to hear and listen to what is going on around them with a very long tail to chase away flies, Giraffes have a few predators and their preyed on by lions, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, crocodiles they can use a forward backward kick and this kill can actually kill a predator.

The other way they can be preyed is when their taking water in the pods, lakes or rivers which have crocodiles.

They also face a problem of poaching because their skin can be used for Ivory and also they were  eaten by a number of people in Communities around the parks          before wildlife authority took charge in conserving wild life and set strict laws against poaching these Rothschild in Uganda can be found in three national parks.

Murchison falls is one of the oldest National park in Uganda and has the biggest number of Rothschild giraffes which growing in number when you go for a game drive or boat cruse a cross the falls you can see the best tallest Giraffes in the world with Unique beautiful colors  moving around in herds but separate.

Kidepo National park is the second place where Giraffes can be found. It’s one of the best parks in Africa and beautiful park which looks how Africa was years ago you can visit and see the Giraffes and have a lonely feeling to be the only person to see the Rothschild’s since the park is in wild.

Lake Mburo National park is the third park you can find the Rothschild they’re 15 of them which were transferred to Lake Mburo to restock the park with Giraffes which were killed and the park has long acacia trees which favors the Giraffes to feed on. Have your Tour in Uganda to see the amazing Rothschild Giraffes by contacting a tour operator

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