Fishing Murchison falls National Park, Uganda Fishing Safari

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Fishing Murchison falls National Park straddles behind the Atlantis-blue waters in the serrated Savannah Park in the western Rift valley dominated by numerous Fishing villages branching out on the south eastern shores of the independent Lake Albert. The authentic true Africa wilderness is a catchy and magical centre to the reverting hot springs seen in the spanning Kigorobyo sub county, discover the wilderness activities on the country side on your Uganda Fishing Safari.

Travel to these epic Fishing Murchison falls National Park beautifully sceneries with a fine setting on the , through the gently curving roads extending through a series of twisted Joshua trees where big pink lavender insects like grasshoppers sail away freely with the bending winds in the area. The journey takes us just an hour to complete a 35 kilometer distance to reach the fishing villages.

Fishing Murchison Falls, Kibiro Salt Gardens, Hot springs, Lake Albert.Most of the Fishing Murchison falls National Park spanning area is virgin and inviting, the only place to remind you about the only authentic local traditions of Africa, the place is worthy an adventure and a must visit for your memorable Uganda Safari, the iconic Kibiro village is a place of its own kind that takes introduces you to the Soul liquid streams traversing with the plains to support numerous fish species preferred by the locals.

How to get there, what to see on Fishing Uganda Safari

The kibiro fishing villages along with the Fishing National Park reverting hot springs makes it adventurous on your way to their homesteads represented in it in wonderful concentration, be part of the Lake Albert boat cruise or enjoy the parameter distance with our Safari Vehicle. You might also want to place a foot in the cold regions of Africa as you hike towards the foot of the rift valley escarpments, be guided by the smell stewed mutton coming from a nearby village signalizing the home to the local fishing villages.

Learn about the territorial leadership that governs this region, the Bunyoro Kingdom super heads this joyfully land, learn about the source of Salt to the inspiring kingdom. The salt deposits have been a tremendous thought for the kingdom with salt supplies to the palace. You may opt to buy salt from the roadside along the way for your memorable Africa Safari.

Visit the Fishing Murchison falls National Park local man’s way of survival, see how the natives strive to raise their families from a nucleus of the small cents they collect from the untrendy business of selling salt, well this is the main source of income to the locals highly led by the women.

Visiting the Hot Springs emptying into Lake Albert.

As you hike towards the hot springs, the whisper of our passage through the dry grass describes the taste of the true Africa Safari, behind the stone edge in the plains, there stands the water volumes boiling at 100°C through the year. As we get closer, our skins get toasted by the warmth of the jungle. The bubbling flames welcome us in a great magnificent picturesque with white-yellowish fumes occupying the area. We have been to this area, let’s do it again, Grab yourself some food stuffs like Banana’s, Irish potatoes, Eggs among others, the boiling point here is enough to cook the food stuffs.

Listen to the ancestral healing magical stories about this place, the locals and numerous visitors pay tributes to this place to get from different diseases like worms, Scabies, Skin rashes, wounds etc, the locals define it as a medicinal pool believed to be curing numerous diseases when you swim in the moderate warm joints to have your body fully immersed.

What to Carry along on this Fishing Murchison falls National Park Safari

Most of the Fishing Murchison falls National Park tour includes are provide to you in your guided Itinerary, they shall include; Transport Fairs to and from the Safari, Enough packed drinking water, Gate entrance fares. You might need to carry along with a walking stick (Can be obtained along the Safari), Long trousers and long sleeved shirts, hiking boots, you might need a cape as well sun glasses.

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