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Uganda wild life education center known as Entebbe Zoo Uganda was found in 1950’s to accommodate injured wildlife and look after orphaned animals which have been taken away from smugglers. In 1952 Entebbe zoo was opened for the sick injured and orphaned animals, in the early 1960’s it changed its role to a traditional zoo, bears and tigers were kept as tourist attractions, then in 1994 the center was located at the edge of . it has a rich diversity of vegetation with a wide range of Uganda birds species.

Entebbe zoo Uganda Location, Uganda wildlife education Center Location

Entebbe Zoo Uganda is accessible and touristic in the flat plains of Uganda, the motherly landscape is seen in the heart of off from the main Entebbe road, 36 kilometres away from the furnishing . A Uganda tour itinerary can be customized for your experience with the Uganda wildlife education centre. The Distance from the to the Uganda Entebbe Zoo is calculated to be a 15 minutes’ drive, a short distance through the open high way road

Entebbe Zoo Uganda Wildlife Composition and Activities

Well, have an adventurous holiday safari as you meet the social Entebbe Zoo wild animal species, kiss a giraffe, eat with a giraffe or hug a leopard, some of the Entebbe Zoo wild animals are tamed and social to tourists, the Uganda Safai to Entebbe becomes more rewarding when you encounter with the most fierce wild animals.

Entebbe Zoo is a thrilling plain of numerous Uganda wildlife Composition full of carnivorous, herbivorous and omnivorous animals, there are also numerous bird specials like the rare shoebill and many others. The wildlife include Uganda Kob, water buck, Egyptian Goo, cattle egret, bush duiker, donkey, lion, zebra, wild cats, camel, hyena, buffalo, rhino, leopard, red-tailed monkey, giraffe, crocodile, shoebill, snake hoe, chimp, peacock, crested crane, trey parrot, elephant, goats, cows, chicken, olive baboons, rock python, Gabon viper, snakes, warthog, buffalo, Nile crocodile, cheater, Egyptian cobra, marsh terrapin, impala, topi, Harte beest, giant forest hog, eland

Entebbe Zoo Uganda, Opens early morning hours by 8:00am, Closing hours are notably at 6:00pm, a Uganda tour safari guide takes you through the main entrance to expose to you the different Uganda wildlife culture at Entebbe Zoo

Entebbe zoo Uganda Entrance Fee, Uganda wildlife education Center Entrance Fee

Foreign non-residents adults 30000shs/$15, Foreign non-resident children 20000 shs/$10, Foreign resident adults 20000 shs/$10, Foreign resident children 10000 shs/$5, Ugandan adults 10000 shs, Ugandan children 3 to 4years 5000 shs, School groups (mon- wed) 4000 shs, School groups (Thurs-Fri) 5000 shs, School groups (sat-sun) 5000 shs, Un booked schools (Thur-fri) 6000shs, Tertiary/universities 6000 shs, Video camera 10000shs, Parking fees 2000 shs

Entebbe Zoo Uganda Safari Accommodation

Entebbe City is a rewarding city for your adventure Uganda safari, the city has numerous furnished and reputable safari hotels for you to choose for your comfortable stay in Uganda. Depending on your Uganda tour Safari. The Uganda safari hotels Offer internet, room services, bar/lounge, beach front, Dstv in every room, breakfast, free parking, Wi-Fi, restaurant ,fitness center, shuttle and many more.

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