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Entebbe town is located 45km southwest of the capital city of Uganda on the Northern shores of the Voluminous and most visited Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa and the best destination for Uganda fishing Safari, It’s shared by 3 countries Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. It’s found in Wakiso district approximately 56.2km2 of land and 20 squared is occupied by water.The town has a population of about 79,700 people living in it.

The name Entebbe is derived from the local word of Luganda “ntebe” meaning a seat, it was named after a seat where the chief of Buganda used to sit to judge legal cases. It was the first colonial administrator, and a commercial center in the 1893 when the colonial commissioner Sir Gerald portal used it as base. Although no ships which dock there, it was also a place where a jetty of ferries used to dock.

Entebbe town was once the capital city of Uganda in 1900 until after independence in 1962 when the capital was changed to Kampala. It’s also known to the Europeans as a home of the international airport of Uganda which was opened in 1929 and also used by queen Elizabeth 11 of England to depart from Africa when she learned of her father’s death, and she had become the queen in 1952.

Entebbe Airport is located southwest of Entebbe town, it’s the main gate way to Uganda and , located on the shores of lake Victoria and consists of two terminals which handle domestic and international flight. Entebbe town offers range of passenger services like taxi to Kampala and surrounding areas, baggage facilities, lost and found items, left luggage’s facilities etc, and these are handled by the DAS handling services in case you have lost your luggage, disabled passengers are also assisted.

The Airport has restaurants which can be accessed at any time to eat something and relax for example crane café terrier it’s on arrivals transit. Karibuni first class and business class departures.Voyager bar and restaurants departure area. There are also different communication services at the airport like Uganda Telecom Arrivals, Airtel Uganda Arrivals, Orange Uganda, internet café easy world.

The Uganda post office which opens up at 8hours-1245hours and 14hours to 17hours it’s found on the first flow departure. There also banking services with ATM services which are easily accessed, Barclays, crane bank, eco bank, orient bank, stanbic bank, jet set forex, nor fax forex.The town is also known as a rescue passagefor 100 Israelites who were held hostage in the 1976.

Entebbe university is a home of Nkumba university the biggest university in southwest of Kampala Entebbe town which was established in 1994 it has a population of over 4000 students with professional lectures it was granted by the Uganda government by the minister of education and sports. Entebbe is a home to the Uganda state house of Entebbe where the parliament of Uganda meets and works.

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