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Planning for an East Africa tour safari travel to East Africa, You need to also plan on how to get an East Africa tourist Visa, lets guide you about how to get or apply for an East African tourist Visa, we do guide our clients across the globe. It’s not hectic, the process is easy and requires your readability to get one for your self, or group.

As the world moves forward, systems also do change. The hustle of requiring 3 individual visas was simplified. Within the countries of the Republic of Uganda, Republic of Kenya and the Republic of Rwanda, you can use one East African visa. Tourists and other travelers now don’t have to go through all three immigration offices to obtain visas but just one to enter all three countries, whether by air, road or water transport. This visa is definitely not three times the price of the usual visa, it is USD100 saving you USD50.

The visa is valid for 90 days and cannot be extended for any reason. It is entitled to foreign residents and free to them and also foreign tourists who want to concurrently visit Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda, the tourists are also entitled to multiple entries within the three countries. Each individual should apply for the visa in their own right.

The visa can easily be accessed from the embassies or consulate of the three countries in your home country. You can get it on arrival from the immigration office either at the airport or at the border of Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda. The international borders of Uganda and Kenya are Malaba and Busia, for Uganda and Rwanda we have Katuna, Kagitumba and Kyanika. Other alternatives include; online application using the provided websites for the different countries and according to which country you arrive first. For Uganda for Kenya and for Rwanda

To obtain an East African tourist visa, you will need to have a genuine acceptable travel document that is valid for six months before your travel date to obtain the East African tourist visa. Email us: to assist you and get one for your self or family to enjoy our East Africa Safari tours

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