East African Rift Valley, largest seismically active rift

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The East Africa’s beauty rotates around a great sandstone outcropping, the East African Rift valley bashing through the trees along the steep escarpments through a narrow squeezing continental rift zone believed to have occurred averagely 22 to 25 million years ago in the reverting province of Africa through the the dusty, sometimes craggy and boggy trails leading to the desperate looking junipers pointing to the dome valley with a nectar sweet smell hugged by the tropical forests where the Uganda wildlife dwell in a place left with much to discover on a

Well, this is a key factor to the East African countries whose largest east African safaris continue to boost the economies of the adjacent lying countries in the rift. The place is catchy and adventurous with the inviting dreamy streams and the gigantic woodlands harboring numerous wildlife, East Africa cultural Villages-living with in the rift valley forests.

The spreading East African rift valley is recorded to be one of the largest narrow zone that has ever occurred as a result of the divergent tectonic plate boundary forcing the east African plates to split apart. This part of the rift extends to the northern wing of minor Asia.

On your Uganda Safari to tour the Uganda Rift Valley, you will realize that the old and antiquated woodland vegetation form continuous series of distinct rift basins, the mind-blowing squeezed narrow rift forces its way out to a further distance away from the Uganda rift valley.

The compelling East African Rift Valley basin sceneries are recorded to comprise of the; Eastern rift valley (hugs the main Ethiopian rift spreading eastwards originating from the Afar Triple Junction extending to the southern valley of Lake Malawi) and the western rift valley(hugs the Albertine Rift meandering further to the south, lake malawi), this prominent rift then later joins the red sea rift valley westwards.

The East African safaris are possible here, one can opt to have a customized safari touring the east African Rift that actually bullets from the Afar Triple junction in the Ethiopian woodlands of the Afar triangle through East Africa, and making it to Mozambique. The east Africa Rift valley safari gets you a chance to access nine blazing countries i.e. Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia and Mozambique.

The East Africa safari gives also unforgettable experience as you further more place your feet to the offshore coast of Mozambique along the citing kerimba and Larcerda grabens joined by the davie ridge spanning with a 2200km long   relic fracture zone that can be seen extending to the somali basin westwards standing between Mozambique and Tanzania.

The East Africa Safari can be customized depending on your preferred safari activities in the East African plains feeling an open country with a number of active and dormant volcanoes; the dormant mountains include Mount Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Longonot, Mount Karisimbi, Mount Elgon , Mount Meru, Mount Nyiragongo, Menengai Crater and as well the pleasurable crater highlands in Tanzania.

An additional experience takes you the pleasurable active East African Volcanoes with numerous activities, some of these include; DallaFilla, Erta Ale, Ol Doinyo Lengai and the Afar region in ethipia-this is believed to be an active basaltic shield volcano.

The East African Safari activities best to be done or performed here include mountain Hiking, Gorilla tracking Uganda, Gorilla tracking Rwanda, Gorilla tracking Congo, Game drives in the National Parks, Birding Safaris, Chimpanzee tracking safari tours, Boat cruise, Rafting and Kayaking, horseback riding, fishing safari, Hot-air balloon adventure, Wildlife Safaris, Culture Experiences, City tours or Fly-in Safaris, Eco tourism in East Africa, Budget camping Tours and Family travel, Excursions /Days trips, Classic Wildlife safaris, Honey moon Vacations Uganda-Rwanda and car Hire and Rental services and so many, all customized basing on your safari budget.

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