Cultural Encounters in Bwindi Impenetrable forest

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Cultural Encounters Bwindi Impenetrable forest takes us to the Pleistocene Africa villages by stepping in a lush hillside that borders Bwindi Forest in Nkuringo Cultural Centre (NCC), one of the finest Uganda cultures authentic to visit on your Uganda Safari to understand the modern and ancient traditions of African dotted cultures living in one of the local and humid areas where life starts from, the Nkuringo centre is blessed with of nature recipes, whispering on the bitten countryside, a place very hard to access and sometimes termed to be off the grid on a Uganda safari

Why not learn a new skill during your trip to Uganda? At Nkuringo Cultural Centre, after a long day spent or bird watching, you can enjoy one of our fascinating cultural evening workshops. Choose from African cooking, traditional weaving, or – for those who are feeling a little more energetic – a dancing and drumming workshop is available

You can also take one of our guided village walks during the day to meet the residents, learn about life in Rubuguri and participate in a crafts demonstration. You will then visit the primary school to watch this region´s most famous cultural attraction – the dynamic Kiga dance. The best dancers are said to be those who make the earth shake!

Buhoma Community / Mukono Development Association – Cultural Encounters in Bwindi

Buhoma is a beautifully dramatic setting for your culture encouter, the readable overlooking impossible hillsides of and the staring mist swirling over the summit makes if no doubtfully a thought-provoking adventure.

Visit the Hand craft Shop: Spend a three-hour village walk adventure in the fascinating hospitable society. Observe their skillful and creative art works being sold; the handmade artifacts like fabrics, wood carvings, beeswax candles, all made locally from here.

Be compelled by the Batwa community one of the Bwindi Communities in the neighborhood of Buhoma, enjoy their presented entertainment like songs and dances signaling about their former way of life in the forest, a unique culture that you will finally meet.

Sparkingly, Meet up their traditional healer who treats the sick natives with herbs combined from the herbicinal plant species in the forest. The whole hierarchy of the society, students, teachers depend on this miraculous healer. Interestingly, have a memorable offer as you take part to learn and prepare juice, beer and gin made from the Bananas. Lets see how your product tastes in comparison with the natives’.

Furthermore, Come along the community development projects eg. Maize mill, microfinace circle, secondary school(You will be entertained with songs, dramma etc).

Nkuringo Community Conservation and Development Foundation (NCCDF)

Have dramatic views towards Congo by stepping in a lush hillside that borders Bwindi Forest. This is a provocative and catchy to a man’s sight due to its sparky beautiful scenic views as well as the cultural experience. Well, history retrieves a man’s mind, the Stone Age era isn’t for granted. Come to reality of this when you visit Nicholas the blacksmith seen with the sound of sheepskin that bellows spewing air into a charcoal-fired furnace, then he hooks out red hot metal, and finally hammers to make finished tools like machetes, knives, axes, spears and many more. This experience makes you feel the corner and Origin of the world’s evolution

A key Note to give praise to is the Nkuringo Development Foundation’s impact towards native sustainability, it supports local artisans and the local Batwa society through its crafts shop. They train orphans who in turn perform drammatic plays, songs, dances at a nearby lodge, and can make arrangements for visitors to sponsor them.

Video: Cultural Encounters in Bwindi Impenetrable forest

Visiting Buniga Forest Nature Walk.

Encounter with the left world’s un explored hidden treasures of the stunning Buniga Forest as well as its diverse fauna and Flora on this trail, different bird species, mammals, hyenas, insects, butterflies etc. Be guided by the expert local natives as they guide and share with you the ancestral stories.

Buniga Forest Reserve is one of the three unusual and absorbing remaining forests adjacent to The rampant encroachment on the forest resulting to huge loss of biodiversity and other forest resources, the trail was created by Nkuringo Community Conservation and Development Foundation to conserve the forest and manage it for ecotourism activities. Of course, proceeds from the here also benefit the surrounding communities, and encourage them to actively participate in its conservation.

Nyundo Community Eco-Trails – Cultural Encounters in Bwindi

Nyundo’s residents were firsthand witnesses to climate change. They cultivated crops on the hillsides bordering Bwindi Impenetrable forest, but noticed erosion, changing rain patterns and the disappearance of the characteristic mist. Ultimately, their crops began to fail. The community decided to protect the land and allow the forest to grow back, and now the trees, the rains and the mist have all returned.

Nyundo Community Eco Trails were developed by community members as a sustainable alternative to agriculture, poaching and logging; providing both an income and an incentive to conserve the forest. On King Bakyara’s Waterfall Trail, enjoy spectacular scenery surrounding a waterfall where only kings may bathe! Visit a blacksmith, a local banana beer distillery, a beekeeper, a cattle farm and a banana plantation.

During the Traditional Skills Trail, learn about yoghurt making, millet-bread preparation and craft making. Visit a traditional birth attendant and traditional homesteads, and meet the friendly native villagers.

Tour the Village Aquaponics project, learn about sustainable methods of fish farming, which is then sold to local lodges. If booked in advance with African Adventure Travellers, CTPH staff can also offer presentations on conservation issues in Bwindi and guided tours of local communities to demonstrate how improving the health and livelihoods of people and their livestock supports the conservation of gorillas.

Lodging is available at the Gorilla Conservation Camp; all fees support the work of CTPH. There are also volunteer opportunities and working holidays which contribute directly to all these activities.

Later, visit the lively St Peter´s Primary school, meet the pupils and teachers, watch this region´s most famous cultural attraction – the dynamic Kiga dance. The best dancers are said to be those who make the earth shake – and as the barefooted students leap several feet into the air to the rhythm of joyful songs you will be able to decide for yourself if they achieve their goal!

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