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Congo Nile Trail takes you through the Rwanda’s wilderness bounded on three sides by basalt outcrops and partially screened by brush along Lake Kivu which pulls from the stunning Rubavu, rolls through the striking Rutsiro with a great sandstone outcropping via the twisted trees and the hot orange sunsets in Nyamasheke, Karongi Cities making it to the jutting stone ledges of Rusizi City.

The Congo Nile Trail takes you through magnificent picturesque villages surrounded by undulating hills with beautiful landscapes and the craggy plains with fresh water basins. The Congo Nile Trail Bike rotates us to the pleasurable Coastline Lake views on the other side of the country.

The Rwanda Congo Nile Trail is normally completed in ten days to complete a 227 km Congo Nile trail, having our hikes during day time. Depending on your desire, you may opt to complete the Congo Nile Trail Bike in sections, it’s not a guarantee to complete the entire trail at once.

Rwanda Congo Nile Trail Bike 5 days

For Bikers, this is adventurous as you follow the small antelope trails instead of the larger buffalo trails peddling through the ridges down towards via the grass patches with readable rich views and immersive Cultural experiences on your way through the open plains.

The Rwanda Congo Nile Bike is an alluring adventure and the best way to feel Rwanda at your Palm. The 5 days Congo Nile Trail Bike can be customized and split up if you don’t have enough time to complete the whole bike.

The Congo Nile Trail Route

Our guided Congo Nile Trail Hike route Map shall be picked from the responsible offices in Musanze, Gisenyi or Kigali City, the detailed Maps guide us about the Climate and State of the trails in the Rwanda Congo Nile Trail. We shall be able to see the best areas where we can walk, the camping sites as well as elevation changes in diaspora.

The Rwanda Congo Nile experience is favorable still those not intending to cover up a 10 days excursion experience, the map guides us to opt for the adventurous activities in Pfunda through the rarely-trod sub-trails, have an unusual feeling as you have great views over the flat open lush plantations of tea. Then proceed to Shangi and Gisovu with an option of extending to Nkombo Island if interested.

Planning for the Rwanda Congo Nile Trail Bike/Hike

Regardless of the number of days our visitor opts for, he/she is rest assured to enjoy the low lying valuable area with dense stands of acacia woodlands and afro montane, cultural encounters, tea plantations, the meandering streams of rivers and so many alluring scenes.

Be assured of the Safety of the Rwanda Congo trail, the exhilarating welcoming villages and as well the self-guided backpackers with some supplies that can hike/bike the 10 days Rwanda safari to cover up 227 km through the wilderness, the Rwanda Congo trail Map, Rwanda Congo Nile budget. Hiring cooks or porters, an English speaking tour guide. The good news is, all these can be customised for your Rwanda Congo Nile Trail Safari

What to see on the Rwanda Congo Nile Trail Hike/Bike

The Overland trail warms you with magnificent accessible mind blowing adventures, the meandering journey through the thickly scented spruce branches opens our minds to the mountains, thrusting spires of naked rock into the heavens so high that you would believe the very sky was pierced, caves, valleys bounded on three sides by basalt outcrops and partially screened by brush, Coffee Plantations fields and the coffee machinery plants, Capital Cities with Cracks like hard weed through a broken sidewalk, Culture encounters with hospitable Villages, Islands, Lakes.

The flat, elevated tracks of Rwanda land gives you the best Rwanda Hiking place in the whole of East Africa, The Numerous Vista offered on you trail are mind-blowing. The squeezing trails on our safari sum it to elevations of about 2630m, You need to have to prepared for this hike otherwise you might need a porter to carry you.

Rwanda Congo Nile

Most of our guests prefer camping under their own gears, preferably if you don’t have, then we arrange and get you one as earlier planned, Best camping areas under the warm plain skies is possible especially in the welcoming village zones and open plateaus like around the local schools or orphanage centres.

The other option for your accommodation can be, the numerous guest houses that do vary basing on your Rwanda Congo Nile budget, the lodging facilities are interesting with wash rooms, relaxing chambers and comfortable beds.

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