Chimpanzee Tracking Budongo Forest

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Chimpanzee Tracking Budongo Forest is an inviting Uganda Safari that takes you behind the forested edge in the twisted Joshua trees with lichen growth of low-lying boulders compacted by mahogany trees with the moss encircling the trunks of trees forming a breeding ground to the friends of Man Uganda Chimpanzees, be guided on how to track chimpanzees down in the thick carpeted tropical rain forest.

offers the best Place to see Chimpanzees, the Budongo forest guide explains about over 600 hundred habituated chimpanzees in the winter jasmine and cold Budongo ecology, with other habituated friends of man seen from the beauty of the forest in Kaniyo Pabidi. The pulpy smell of Budongo confines the most number of Uganda Gorillas making it the best authentic home for Safaris in the low lying forest spanning to cover 825 square kilometers.

Prepare for a 3 hours road drive from the Main capital of to visit the tropical dry grass with stalky brush and deadwood a home of Uganda chimpanzees, 360 bird species, and over 95 mammals. The major iconic activity is the thrilling chimpanzee tracking experience done at Kaniyo Pabidi an arm-away to the Murchison falls park through the Southern edge. The road drive takes us 30 minutes to drive from Kichumbanyobo gate to Murchison falls National Park.

Chimpanzee tracking Safaris in Budongo forest are available in two sessions; Both morning and afternoon sessions are conducted on your guided Safari, The morning session starting as early as 7:00 am with a briefing from the information centre as well being allocated a ranger.

When to visit Budongo Forest for Chimpanzee tracking Safari

Uganda the pearl of Africa is your wilderness frontier, Budongo forest can be accessed all the time throughout the year, we however advse our clients to track Budongo forest between early April to late August during fruit ripening seasons, this offers a highest chance to encounter with chimpanzees jumping from trees to trees to reach the ripening fruits. The other late months give you lower ration to chimpanzee sightings, as this time they are remotely tracked to be moving in richer areas with food.

Accomodation around Budongo Forest

Can I stay for a 1 day overnight? Yes that’s very true, most of our clients interested in having an overnight around Budongo forest find it readily available and worthy, the lodges offer a chilling environment to couples, honey mooners, families, groups and other different settings. The unique home setting is an ideal configuration embraced with trained personnel like professional chefs, armed guards, delicious meals etc.

Day 1: Pick up from Entebbe Airport/ Kampala City

1 day Chimpanzee tracking Budongo forest involves both full and short one day Safari to the cool restful shady world Budongo forest with light filtering lazily though the tall Mahogany tree tops forming the busiest home ground for Chimpanzees. Depending on your itinerary, it’s both possible to track chimpanzees to or from the Murchison falls National Park Safari activities.

Travel from Kampala/Hotel to Budongo forest

Normally the Safari begins an early morning 4 hours drive after your breakfast in Kampala city, or Hotel depending on your area of pick up.  Drive through the pastoral scene along the rolling hills pointing to the dome valleys. The road drive gives you numerous encounters on the countryside for your magnificent Picturesque and a chance to enjoy hot spots for memorable photo captions.

Tracking Chimpanzees in Budongo Forest

The road drive takes us to the promised land at Budongo forest at Kaniyo Pabidi full of numerous experiences, nature sightings, a place that makes you feel the ‘wrath of titans’ as you place your feet in the local gifted ecology of Chimpanzees. Have your lunch, relax abit and then relocate to the home ground of chimpanzees on your afternoon session.

The whisper of the Budongo forest trails through the dry grass encounters us to forest dwellers like monkeys, giant Mahogany trees standing taller to the clouds, frogs, chameleons, hundreds of bird species, Chameleons, baboons among others. When you encounter with the friends of man believed to have the closest DNA resemblance to human kind, Spend 1-2 hours learning his behavior especially his mouth watering skills to feed, prepare nests, guarding territorial niches among others. Later after the experience, retire back to Kampala or your area of pick up or proceed with your Uganda Safari.

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