Bwindi Nature Walks Starting from Nkuringo/ Buhoma

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Bwindi Nature Walks in Forest gets you to one of the most compelling areas with different habituated families of these epic giants friendly and resembling to man. The most appealing and refreshing moment is when you engage yourself in the intriguing journey to trek these primates thru Bwindi Nature Walks in the jungle

The Bwindi Nature Walks start from Buhoma / Nkuringo.

The trails used by many tourists to track our gigantic in the absorbing territory of Bwindi include;

Muzabijiro Loop Trail:

The trail is enormous and gives great views, the trek through this trail can take us 3 hours. It spans down in the forest, crossing through Muzabijiro creek, then ascends through the catchy canopy umbrella shaped trees with to the absorbing open slopes of Rukubira Hill. The area is lush with vine trees and dead slivery trunks of trees due to the wildfires of 1992. It gives breathtaking views of Bwindi, , the western rift valley. Our trail then descends down through Rukubira to the main head offices

River Ivi Trail:

Well, for breathtaking views and captivating adventure, this trail takes us 6 hours for good trekkers. It’s also good for sighting at bird species, duikers, and monkeys.

This ascends through the rain forest from the old road trail, and then descends through the catch viscinity that has broad view point’s overlooking beneath the valleys. The local people use this trail more often to and from other villages especially when it’s a market day in Nteko southern side of the park.

A key feature about Bwindi Nature walks is that, there is the wide River Ivi that is seen acting as a park’s southern boundry, a magnificent place that blows ya attention, its a fine setting to water loving bird species.

The Waterfall Trail:

This adventurous milestone is described to be engrossing and gripping to many of our clients who use this trail. It’s moderate and gives it a good shadow for birding and monkey watching.

It stems through the south on a route that was cleared in 1970 way back, for an incomplete road to . Then after approximately 2km, it turns left onto a winding path that crosses the famous Munyaga River three times, the latter traverses through the forest and tree ferns to three waterfalls, the highest at 33m/100ft. The trail then loops back through the forest, later rejoins the road trail about 1.5km from the Park Office or area of origin.

Munyanga River Trail: This the simplest route that takes averagely 15-20 minutes and is self-guided. The captivating adventure starts at the end of Buhoma road, near by the forest edge, cuts through the Bizenga creek, further way down, joins the Munyaga River. Finally, it yields you to the the refreshing river bank and returns you to the park or our office.

Rushura Hill Trail

This is challenging and requires using great exertion to cover up a 3 hours trek if you are a good trekker. It’s enormous and eye catching due to the killer views it gives. The trail takes you to the Rushura Hill slopes estimated to be 1,915m. And is the highest around the Buhoma region. It then branches through the forest spanning out to the Congo border where you can a thought-provoking and striking adventure.

More to that, view the western Rift Valley drift south to the prominent Virunga ranges that are epic to watch, you might take pictures for your memorable adventure. In addition, Spanning view of Lake Edward and the Rwenzori Mountains on clear days gives you an expedition to remember. Finally the trail takes us through the cultivated lands and the regenerating forests back to the office or park

Gate to Gate Trail:

There are two gates linked up by a 10km trail. It takes us 5km to trek exposing us to the compelling River junction. Have an experience in this section along the Kashasha River. Explore the marrow forest path that cuts into the umbrella shaped canopies with dense woods.

Bwindi Nature Walks Starting from Ruhija

Bamboo Trail:

This is comparably difficult to those who are not good trekkers, it takes averagely 6 hours around the highest part of the park that is seen stretching 2,607m at Rwamunyonyi. The trek cuts through the kabala-Ruhija road in the park, descends through the delighting views of bamboo trees, heading east to the forests edge at Rwamunyonyi. Around here, have paranomic views of the Mafuga Forest Reserve, Ikumba area and the spanning . It can be well seen that the route is re traceable due to its circuit.

Guest House Nature Trail

This is the easiest trail that takes us an hour to complete the trek, it Spans from the Institute of Tropical Forest Conservation Guest House at Ruhija, makinga a circuit that passes through the forest and rotates around a small hill with a view of the forest boundary.

Bwindi Nature Walks starting from Rushaga:

Kajembehajambe Trail: This is a moderate trail that takes 3-5 hours, there are two nature trails and a spanning waterfall trail estimated to cover up 4 hours. The other being the birding trail lasting for 6 hours.

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