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Bwindi Mountain Gorilla watching

   Gorilla tracking Safari, Video
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Bwindi Mountain Gorilla watching is one of the stunning Uganda Safari activities that has attracted hundreds of Uganda tourists, The gladdest moment in human life, is a departure into unknown lands, stepping in the wilderness to search for the Mountain Gorillas, getting eye to eye with the Mountain Gorilla.

Bwindi Mountain Gorilla watching Safari

Wake up on the countryside, The most visited area recommendable for a Mountain Gorilla trek, apart from Mgahinga National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park can also be customized on your Uganda Safari in the Kisoro District far south-western Uganda, we jump on the bitten path, to visit the most Visited Park Bwindi Impenetrable forest a large primeval forest located in south-western Uganda in the Kanungu District. The forest is on the edge of the Albertine Rift, the western branch of the East African Rift, at elevations ranging from 1,160 to 2,607 metres in a saddle.

Capture Photo Bwindi Mountain Gorilla watching

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey to Bwindi Mountain Gorilla watching, Early Morning hours, Wake up on the steady patter of rain upon your window, droplets yet to scatter the nascent rays of rising sun. The Panting and roaring Jungle sound bring calmness to mind, a soothing melody, a natural lullaby and a start up point to enjoy the trek.

Your Guide will be near by your quest, it’s time to fall in love with the Jungle for your Bwindi Mountain Gorilla watching Safari, there are hundreds of bird species in Bwindi, the forest is on the edge of the western arm of the Great Rift Valley and attracts hundreds of dwellers from the Neighboring Virunga Mountains in the Democratic Republic of the Congo .

Bwindi Impenetrable forest is one of the most biologically diverse areas on Earth, where half the world’s population of the highly endangered mountain gorillas live in its jungles, No wander, the forest has been recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as a World Heritage Site for its biological significance. Then believe it, you are one of the legionaries in the Cabin, testifying to the unfully exploited recipes in the pearl of Africa.

Off to the jungle with our armed game ranger, with in our minds, we know the Gorilla trekking tracking rules, hey, this doesn’t limit our Mountain Gorilla trek experience but only will guide us to be Safe in the Jungle, not to scare away these Mountain Gorillas. Our senior trackers will take us through the deep tannin-brown forest, with grass was crisping under our feet, looking up and around in the tall Skyscraper trees, Bwindi forest surely gives a memorable experience, with Unique and unfamiliar Sounds scampering away from us up ahead.

Bwindi mountain gorillas are primarily terrestrial and quadrupedal. Some will be seen climbing into fruiting trees if the branches can carry its weight, and it is capable of running bipedally up to 6 m. Like all great apes other than humans, its arms are longer than its legs. It moves by knuckle-walking supporting its weight on the backs of its curved fingers rather than its palms. When you finally encounter with the Bwindi Gorillas, Have a hour experience with the Mountain Gorillas, learn their way of life, how they lay their nests, gloam one another, feed their babies, establish their colonies an many more activities.

Bwindi Accommodations in the Park include; Gorilla forest camp, Bwindi view guest house, Gorilla mist lodge, Bwindi lodge, Accommodation In Bwindi National Park, Buhoma forest Camp. Bwindi Mountain Gorilla tracking starts early in the morning at about 8:00 am on a normal day with briefing from the rangers at the guide station. During this time clients are advised to respect the habitat of these great apes. Book a porter to assist you with your baggage at a slightly small fee, give you a hand when tired, may carry you in a bamboo woven stretcher when you cannot move on any more and so much more.

Possible activities after Bwindi Mountain gorilla trekking

At times the time you may take to find the gorillas may be just a few hours after the start of your gorilla trek so you get back to the lodge earlier than expected. To keep yourself busy, along with our guide, you may participate in activities like Forest Nature walks, bird watching, visit the Batwa community, visit Bwindi hospital, orphanages close by, visit the local medicine man or proceed to Queen Elizabeth National Park for a Savannah game drive. On a fine day, you may enjoy a game drive through the Ishasha sector which is home to the famous tree climbing lions-the normally sighted at in the CNN, Travel blogs and many more publications.

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