Bwindi Gorilla Havens Lodge(RUSHAGA)

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Bwindi Gorilla Havens Lodge, Rushaga

Bwindi Buhoma Community Gorilla Havens Lodge(RUSHAGA) is one of the independent Uganda Safari lodge, located in Ryarutogara, a local word meaning hills, found in the rolling planes of Kisoro district southwest of Uganda. its stunning location offers a relaxing parade for your adventure memories as you get freshened by the Overlooking hills that bend the mist swirling fresh winds to this Safari lodge.

Bwindi Gorilla Havens Lodgeis located in one of the sectors that inhabit the 340 mountain Gorillas left in the world.

Its approximately a 20 minutes drive to the park headquarters of Rushaga sector from the lodge. Bwindi Gorilla havens lodge started operating one year ago under bishop kayeye who bought this land in the hills around Bwindi Forest in 1964. It’s a midrange lodge with the accommodation that sits on the  top of hills with the best views of Bwindi forest

View misty hills and agriculture plantations that dominate around the lodge surroundings, sight out numerous gardens of Irish, tomatoes and onions designed in an amazing way, the area is surrounded with small communities. There also different tree species around the lodge these trees provide shelter to a number of bird species which sing throughout the day and night, the feeling of fresh air and the sound of soothing water.

Bwindi Gorilla Havens Lodge(RUSHAGA) makes it quickly accessible to the Rushaga sector to engage yourself in the park’s main activity of Gorilla trekking. It’s an amazing experience sleeping in the area full of fresh air, the soothing and bubbling waters of Mashoho River, gives you a better sleep and relaxation after your long journey.

The lodge provides  WI-FI to the guests which they can use to  communicate or interact with their friends, families grobally as well sharing pictorial memories of the day captioned from the Bwindi hills, tree species. The Early morning mist swirling over the summits and forest ridges down the flat planes gives a magnificent picturesque.

What to do and See around Bwindi Gorilla Havens

Bwindi Gorilla Havens is a place of its own kind, revert your mind back to the ancient history of Balck africans, their traditions, way of life and their social cultural norms, All this sustaining hobby is mostly preferred by our clients as they form part of the dancing competitions with the locals around, Enjoy and social with the locals in the neighboring villages, visit the Batwa trails; The Batwa people were the first group of people to live in the forests, enjoy the serrated pointing nature of hills forming a barrier to these societies and much more.

Bwindi Gorilla Havens Room types: rooms in the lodge

The lodge has comfortable rooms which are clean with the beautiful structures of 5 rooms per now. One family house, 2 doubles and 2 singles. This gives a comforting mind, the environment is full of a chilling breeze and gives a peace of mind to those from a long Uganda Safari.

Bwindi Gorilla Havens The family house has two self-contained rooms, a kitchen, fire place, with views of the forest, early morning mist in the valleys, different tree species and birds.

Two Single rooms accommodate 2 persons it has a bathroom and toilet with free towels and slippers, a privet balcony view of Bwindi forest, sight the sun rise, and view the mist in the ridge, view of beautifully hills.

Bwindi Gorilla Havens Two double room: This is with two double beds, bathroom and toilet, free towels and slippers, private balcony with the view pointing to the valley where the voluminous Bwindi forest roars to form its beauty.

Restaurant the lodge has a restaurants which provide both local and African food, the restaurant is located at the hill which gives you a fresh view of Bwindi forest, sight different bird species, and mist in the valley, and spot out different birds.

Bwindi Gorilla Havens bar is readily accessible at all times for you, it’s filled with different types of drinks like sodas, bears, water, wines and wine. Toss a bear with your loved ones sharing the pealr of Africa at your glance.

Bwindi Gorilla Havens Security: Bwindi Gorilla Havens lodge is under a developed management which provides security to the visitors who are far away from home but feel at home, the trained staff around the proximity ensures a safe guided Stay to the clients and their properties.

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