Bungee Jumping Jinja Uganda, the Source of River Nile

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Bungee Jumping Jinja Uganda is a complete narrative best activity to opt for around the source of river Nile jinja Uganda on your ultimate holiday in one of the life-giving and pristine destinations in the pearl of Africa, though little known, get indulged by the personified Bungee Jumping as you leap over the Source of the Nile in a place that fully describes a symbol of how far the pearl of Africa has come from.

Bungee Jumping Jinja dives your memories in an inspirational adventure, the kind of feeling as you aim for the jump is unforgettable experience, the breeze perpendicular to your body mass, the river Nile blowing currents getting you in the air, just like a floating boat gives you a sweet taste and a worthy Jinja tour experience.

Bungee Jumping Uganda corrodes its juice in one of the spiced memorable zones, where the great British Explorer-John Speke became the first European explorer to discover the longest river in the whole world, with an awe to the roaring Jinja cuisines that are mouth-watering and inviting to have a leap against. Of course, the ancestral natives-Africans knew about this place.

How about the Amazon-like scene? This should be one of the best spot for your holiday captions,  Don’t worry, as you jump down the Nile, our experienced and trained guide, will take multiple pictures of about 50-100 captions in just a minute as you swing on the bungee just like a tossed ball getting lost in space whirling in the source of River Nile space full of a freezing melody. Sometimes it makes me think, i should have developed wings

What to Note about Bungee Jumping Uganda Source of the Nile

Tandem Jumps and water touches frequency are available to all our clients and depending on your choice, Bungee Jumping Jinja can be spiced for an authentic worthy experience at Night. Bungee Jumping Uganda has no limited Age for the experience however it does have minimum weight of 35Kgs.

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