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Uganda is a rising pride of immense touristic Character, a place dotted by travelers as an iconic destination for bird lovers who enjoy bird watching Safaris, Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary is an ideal centre for a in its rich biodiversity of mixed Uganda wildlife species. Our clients tend to also fall in love with the Mother Nature’s store dotted with abundant wildlife Species which includes chimpanzees, forest Monkeys as well as rare birds not forgetting that Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary is termed as the home of the Great Blue Turaco.

The great blue turaco (Corythaeola cristata) is a turaco, a group of African near-passerines characterized by its blue and yellow tail feathers, it’s known to be the largest species of turaco in Africa. The Bigodi swamp pastoral scene is a serene hide out to hundreds of the native blue turaco. On close observation she can be seen clearly standing about 70–76 cm with an average recorded mass of 800–1,231g.

Most of the bird lovers opting for a Uganda birding Safari prefer this fascinating area, located in Magombe swamp with an iconic majesty of extended rich biodiversity that habituates most of the Uganda birds. The swamp stands out like a scar, catching your notice like the pain that caused it as you trail through the un fully spoiled biome of Uganda birds and some of the African primates like baboons, black & white colobus monkey, blue monkey grey cheeked, mangabey, vervet monkey, red colobus monkey, red tailed monkey and the L’Hoest monkey, hundreds of native mammals chimpanzees, Sitatunga, otters, bush bucks, mongooses, plus bush pigs. If we still enough time depending on our itinerary, we shall also visit the adjacent protruding Swamp from .

The Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary is a not only a catchment to Uganda wildlife but also marks a great example of a community based approach to the natural resources management which forms a large economic benefit to the different local residents living within this area plus the Uganda safaris industry as well.

For our Ugandan tourist, fall in love with the serenity of Uganda birds clicking in the dry air and some spotted with our naked eyes sailing away on the hot wind, burring their flight as dry and scratchy as the long grass and the baked black rocks. It forms a bond between a bird watcher and the biome. We shall a chance to spot up to fifty new species on a bird list. Today, 138 species of birds have been recognized within the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary.

The Bigodi Wetland Swamp is a breeding ground to more than 200 endemic bird species, with the most spotted all season being the Great Blue Turaco that normally welcomes you to its home. There is much to learn around this perimeter and our senior guides will keep you updated about the Bigodi wetland information as well as the Administration managing the Swamp, the rural Projects.

History about Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary

The name “Bigodi” is an ancient local name that was derived from a mother Rutooro word, “kugodya”, that literlaay means ‘to walk tiredly / wearily’. It is noted and believed that when visitors/tourists reached the Bigodi swamp on foot, they actually were all too tired to go on and visit the jungle, thus, Opting to take a nap/ rest there.

Conservation of this swamp has its real benefits, since it receives more than $150 000 got from tourists each year. A fraction of this earning was used to build Bigodi Secondary School as well as a nursery school, in addition to pay salaries of the school teachers; furthermore bridges have also been constructed over swamps plus streams within the village.

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