Albertine Rift valley western branch of the Est African Rift

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The striking Albertine Rift Valley is broadly seen in the western branch of the East African Rift occupying parts of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and Tanzania. The Albertine Rift ascends from the northern end of , descending to the the southern end of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania.

The formation of the Albertine Rift in regards to mountains as well, was as a result of tectonic movements that are evidenced by the further splitting of the Somali plate away from the rest of Africa.

Notably, the mountains surrounding the rift corridor are obviously composed of uplifted Pre-Cambrian basement rocks, overlaid in parts by recent volcanic rocks. Have an epic adventure when u hike these mountains up to the Summit, enjoy the nature walks down the plains. This gives beautiful scenic view in the open grasslands where you can see the shoebill, you may take pics to fully refresh your memorable safari

Albertine Rift Mountain Ranges:

Mount Stanley in the range. With an elevation of 5,109 m (16,763 ft), it is the tallest mountain in the Albertine Rift and the third tallest in Africa.

Some of the mountainous features from the north to the south include; Lendu Plateau, and Itombwe Mountains, . The range offers great scenic views and can be explored.

Notably, the range is estimated to cover up an area of 120 kilometres long and 65 kilometres wide. Have an expedition by hiking some of the prominent features in the range like Mount Stanley at 5,119 metres, Mount Speke at 4,890 metres and Mount Baker at 4,843 metres.

More to that, the stunning Virunga Ranges with a lot of to explore. This fascinating feature is comprised of eight volcanoes, of which two of these i.e. and are highly active. All these features are hiked, book or inquire with for a life time memorable experience in these ranges.

Further way to the South, a lot of stunning isolated block mountains are a must to see and adventure, the enchanting nature of mount Bururi in southern Burundi, the Kungwe-Mahale Mountains in western Tanzania, and Mount Kabobo and the Marungu Mountains in the DRC on the shores of Lake Tanganyika give them a high remedy to explore.

East African Albertine Rift Lakes and rivers

Well, this thought-provoking range is enormous and super to visit, especially the northern part that is divided by two epic sized mountains; Rwenzori Mountains seen between the prominent Lake Albert and Lake Rutanzige (previously known as Edward), and then the overlooking Virunga Mountains sitting between Rutanziga and Lake Kivu. Well, the gripping nature of the horrifying Virunga ranges form a barrier between the Nile Basin to the north and east and the Congo Basin to the west and south.

The Victoria Nile flows from the largest lake in Africa, into the northern end of and exits as the White Nile from a point slightly to the west, flowing north to the Mediterranean Lake Rutenzige is fed by several large rivers, the Rutshuru River being one, and drains to the north through the Semliki River into Lake Albert.

A catchy point is seen in the south of Virungu, there lies our stunning Lake Kivu that is seen draining to the south into lake Tanganyika through the Ruzizi River, later, Lake Tanganyika drains into the Congo River through Lukuga River.

Conclusively, the Albertine Rift is ranked as one of the most leading expedition attraction on planet earth by the virtue that it holds thrilling features that have are adversely visited by many tourists from across borders. Several activities like rafting, hiking mountains, , , the shoebill, birding safari, nature walks, culture encounters, and many more, are well enjoyed here.

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It’s one of the trending trips that quenches your thirst with alot of activities in the Albertine rift like hiking mountains, Gorilla Tracking, Volcanoes, across the prominent attractions

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