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Aberdare National Park is a one of the most loved Kenya safari destinations, authentic to a traveler Visiting this iconic Savannah engrossed by a scenic beauty that covers your taste with a historical importance, the park being crowned by the voluminous Aberdare Mountain Range in central Kenya unfolding before your eyes, the Kenya Safari that never fails to impress.

Aberdare National Park is a protected Savannah and is maintained by Kenya’s national government, the Park sits its palm in central Kenya adjacent the eastern wing of the great East African Rift Valley where it’s more impressive because of its inclusiveness. Aberdare National Park occupies mostly higher areas of the Aberdare Salient to the eastern open flat lands, the whole steep forested ravines and open moorland Savannah occupying a wide variety of terrains due to its higher altitudes of about 2,000 metres up to 4,000 meters above sea level

How to get there, Travelling to Aberdare National Park

Getting to Aberdare National Park is either by by road or by Air. Depending on your Kenya Safari budget, we provide all services, how ever the most rewarding is travelling by road means as you get exposed to the heart of Kenya, its culture and way of living.

Getting there by road: Through the tarmac road, we drive from Nyeri and Naro Moru gateways to the Savannah on the eastern side which is accessed just 150 kilometres from Nairobi City. The road drive takes you a serene triangle of moorlands parading the lower slopes which then connects Naivasha westwards just 87 km from Nairobi, then we drive 15 kilometres along the Nyeri – Nyahururu road retiring out at the Park headquarters.

Getting there by Air: For those on a hurry, you will get there in time and still much will be waiting for your taste, Fly from Nairobi city, then land at the Mweiga Airstrip just opposite the Park headqauarters.

Aberdare National Park Safari

The 765.7 square kilometer sized Park is a magnificent alien world with rolling grasslands scattered with shrubs and isolated trees with wide range of landscapes, from the mountain peaks rising up to 4,000 metres, the V-shaped Valley bisected by magnificent waterfalls, Aberdare ridges, Moorland, bamboo forests, rain-forests and many more eye catching sceneries.

On your Kenya Safari, transfer to the Northern part which is just 100 kilometres from Nairobi-a green city in the sun, this is not just a road drive but rather a welcoming hug that introduces you to Africa, the dotted cultures along the hill slopes, numerous bird species, the Shopping African Art craft shops etc. offer an amazing Travel kenya Safari experience.

Aberdare National Park Safari Park Activities

Aberdare National Park is not only a majestic Savannah of open woodlands of short twisted trees but also an eye catching Kenya destination Safari for the hundreds of grazing and browsing Savannah hoofed animals seen loitering in the park making a game viewing Safari one of its kind, Spotting out the Olive baboons, lions, Sykes Monkeys, cape buffaloes, black and white colobus monkeys, warthogs, bushbucks, Zebras, reedbucks, hyenas, the black rhinho, elephants, and on good days in the Savannah you may have a chance to spot at the Giant forest hogs, Serval cats, wild cats, blue duikers, golden cats, Civet cats among others.

Visit the larger waterfalls pounding the rocks a fountain destination with a magnificent picturesque, seeing the surging and plunging falls, with the major falls being the Karuru waterfalls burbling down the rocks in the three steps, with the first step recorded at 117 metres, the second step plunging over 26 metres and then the third step covering 130 metres, all together summarizing a depth of 273 metres.

Photographers often rush to this killer Savannah to take beautifully captions in the “Garden of Eden”, the spectacular ridges and river valleys encompassed by the rocky defined Aberdare mountain ranges is indeed a place for all Kenya travelers on a kenya Safari package.

On a kenya Safari experience, Visitors often love to indulge themselves in most thrilling Kenya Safari adventures, trout fishing in the pleicestine meandering rivers gives you clear views and a sweet taste to Africa, catching your meal from the river gives a soul heaven for memories.

This is an enormous hotspot destination for all Kenya tours tailored for Bird-watching Kenya Safaris, with a splendid Sighting to over 290 recorded bird species, the most seen throughout the year include sparry hawk, the critically endangered Aberdare Cisticola, the Jackson’s francolin, goshawks, sunbirds, plovers among others.

Aberdare National Park is a gateway to a Kenya safari tourist planning Picnics, Camping in the open moorlands, listening to the Savannah sounds, with a natural intensity to all the recipes in the Park, Our kenya Safari agency will guide you about tailoring your kenya tour to include Camping, perhaps guide you about what carry along with you.

Aberdare National Park Accommodations

The Park accommodations are worthy to all visitors due to their fairly prices, their arrangements give it all, watching the horizons drain out of color as you watch the African Kenya pride at Palm, they range from the treetops tree house lodges, cutting away to the Ark-built in the shape of Noah’s Ark. Not forgetting the 3 self-help bandas and the eight Campsites. For all budgets, there is a worthy lodge to give you comfort over the excellent nightlife wildlife viewing.

We keep you close to the Savannah, and make sure that your kenya tour doesn’t hide away any secret. We customise and tailor our visitors with a number of accommodation Options as well guiding them the best Savannah hotels. Most of the preferred campsites that keep you intact with the wilderness include Reedbuck (At The Moorlands), Honi Campsite, Shamata Campsite, Bill Woodley Campsite, P.C Haji’s Campsite, Muringato (M1) among others. Accommodation Lode: Fishing Lodge-Aberdare cabins nestled with in the Park.

Main Destination: Aberdare National Park
Accommodation: Fishing Lodge-Aberdare cabins
Location: Kenya, Nyandarua County & Nyeri County
Area of Coverage: 767 km2 (296 sq mi)
Park Entry Fee: Non-residents (Adult 52 USD, Children 26 USD)

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