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One week safari is one of the most alluring spanning in Karamoja region northeast Uganda, Our 7 days kidepo Valley National Park Uganda wildlife tour sets you to the rugged clayey topography squeezed with Savannah woodlands transversed by kidepo river and the magnificent Narus river.

Best place to go for a safari Tour, Where to go, what to See in Uganda for your best safari tourgrips your attention and desire to quest for the adventurous 7 days Kidepo Valley National Park tour safari, Kidepo tour blows your mind with its tall and sharp pointed trees, widely spaced canopies, and herbaceous yellowish grass layers. The entire atmosphere on your Uganda holiday supports the wildlife in kidepo national Park which consists of both herbivores and Primates ie. Rothschild giraffe, Lions, Leopards, Wildcats, Zebra, warthogs, Antelopes, Baboons, Kobs, Buffalos, Hyenas, burchell’s zebra, bush pig, topi, antelope, bush duskier, common duiker, cheetahs, hunting dogs, kavirondo bush baby(only found in Kidepo Valley-Uganda) and many more.

Our tour and travel Agency partners with Uganda wildlife Authority, a guided approach to kidepo valley Valley National Park offers you a chance to enjoy Game drives, kidepo Valley wildlife views, culture encounters-Karamajongs, mountain views-hikes, birding Kidepo National Park with over 450 brid species, Nature Walks

A Guide to 7 days Kidepo Valley National Park Uganda Wildlife Safari Travel Guide

Day 1: Transfer from Kampala/ Hotel – Murchison Falls National Park.

An early morning finds us set for the compelling road drive, The early morning road drive sets us free from encountering with the lined traffic jam and also to catch up with the park activity. We drive through the ancestral memorial land of Luwero termed as the luwero Triangle which is a resting ground to innocent Souls, this is a thrilling historical place that lives a palm at your mouth. It’s remebered in the history of Uganda or the massacre brutal war that brought the present government to power.

Uganda is an authentic country that gives you a sweet taste to the African culture with a hug to the Savannah to feel the wrath of Africa’s wilderness. A short drive through the rolling plains gives us a chance to visit the , a home to the only left 21 Uganda south white rhinos, the welcoming twisted joshua trees beneath the jutting stone ledge syndicates a fine serenity for the Rhino. Place your feet in the gallery forests of river red gum, various short grasses lining the channels, enjoy till you encounter with one of the world’s largest wildlife Specie in the African Savannah. Enroute back, proceed to the inviting hills in a distance via Masindi to have our Lunch.

Through the open dead place hugged by surrounding hills, we penetrate the best Africa wildlife frontier with an authentic taste to the Savannah via the Murchison Falls National Park gate, Sunny days give a sweat taste as we hike the top of , the welcoming gaggle of geese, ducks and other water loving bird species grazing by the bank gives a magnificent Picturesque. The tropical flavor is bound by the waters of the Nile flowing through a narrow gorge covering 7 metres wide before plunging 43 metres cascading to collapse into thundering river water spout.

Accommodation: [Check in para safari lodge Murchison falls basing on your chosen paraa safari lodge room rates, or Chobe safari Lodge Murchison falls with chobe safari lodge room rates, or Red chill hide away safari lodge Murchison falls also with Red chill hide away safari lodge as well as the rest of Pakuba safari lodge Murchison falls, Murchison River lodge , Shoebill camp site, Nile safari lodge]

Day 2: Murchison Falls National Park.

No place in Uganda offers an objective point of greater interest for 7 days kidepo National Park Game drives than the Murchison Savannah, After your breakfast, our experienced guide will take you towards northern bank of River Nile to have a taste on the Savannah, this is the most sacred profitable part to sight at the deadliest Africa’s wildlife Predators, Carnivores, herbivores and reptiles. The Nothern game drive gives you fine sightings to the East African lions, giraffe, African bush elephants, hyenas, buffaloes, kobs, African buffaloes, Uganda Kobs, wildcats, barboons among others. Retire back from the desperate-looking Uganda junipers.

After your lunch, the afternoon session in the park fills us with sweet memories on the Nile River, Enjoy River Nile launch cruise on your 7 days kidepo National Park Safari from the magical Mediterranean-blue waters at the bottom of the falls tumbling down the rocks, the freezing environment gives refuge to murchison wildlife species. This a fine place for bird lovers to enjoy bird sightings; Some of the restricted range species include; Goliath heron, ducks, white-thighed hornbill, bee-eaters, African skimmers, great blue turacos, King fishers, the rare shoe-billed stork among others. Sport out the busking Nile crocodiles, a school Hippos,African buffaloes among others.

Day 3: Murchison Falls National Park to Kitgum

Early Morning after your breakfast, the superlative scenery with a morning cold land breeze along with the morning artistic golden sun rays, Warm out the Savannah early risers, we won’t be late to testify to the whistling crispy air down the Savannah plains, The bright looking milky clouds give refuge to the Murchison predators to ably to aet traps and target for their preys. We shall encounter with the hungry lions on the prone, hyenas coming back from the dens, nocturnals going back in their hideouts, among other inmates in the park.

After the cheery experience, Check out from the lodge and deviate to northern Uganda, drive through the northern corridors watching the horizon drain of color, the dry plains in the region are an evidence to the civil war that occured with in this region during the 20th century, listen to storries from our guide as he laments to you the memorable innocent souls who were brutally killed in a 20 year civilisation war. Well, apparently, the place is accessible and free for tourism, the government of Uganda has restored peace in this area. Proceed to Kitgum for your dinner, relaxation and overnight. Accomodation options: Bomah(midrange), Fuglys, Tembo guest(budget facility).

Day 4: Kitgum – Kidepo valley national park Evening Game drive.

After your morning breakfast, embark on the 2-3 hour road drive to the rewarding Kidepo Natonal Park Uganda through Kakwanga and loitanit Villages, the remote villages of Acholi areas. Observe the activities around like farming, cultivation methods as we drop to the Park’s entrance. Arrive at the Most Significant authentic Savannah Park through the dry grass, stalky brush and deadwoods. Kidepo Valley National Park is the leading Uganda’s wildlife frontier for your Uganda Safari as ranked number three in the best places to visit in Africa by the CNN travel media. Check in and prepare for the evening park activities like game drives.

The dusk blanketed bakersfield in the Savannah complies of Mountain Morungole and transected by the Kidepo and Narus rivers supplying Kidepo Valley wildlife with all of their needs, The evening game drive through the serrated plains in the northern Karamoja region forms a superlative beautiful scenery with an extraordinary range of landscape hiding the top Africas deadliest predators, carnivores, reptiles, herbivores, among others. Our guide knows where these Savannah dwellers are, drive on your game to sight at lions parading in the iconic sausage trees, leopards, bushbucks, cheetahs, elephants, wild dogs, , giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, birdspecies among others. Retire back late evening for your dinner, relaxation and overnight at Apoka Lodge.

Day 5: Kidepo valley national park Game Drives, Birding, Kanangarok hot springs :

The morning game drive is a fine hot spot to the kidepo early risers, the whisper of our passage through the Savannah gives us beautifully sightings to the retreating nocturnals, the predators on the prone, hyenas going back to their dens. We shall enjoy nature walks with in the game park guided by our game ranger to sight at the tepid Kanangarok hot springs towards the extreme northern side of the park. Enjoy your packed food in the wilderness, the sweet aroma and smell of the Jungle summarises the delicious appetite.

After your lunch, proceed with numerous Sightings in the Park, the fine serene to numerous wildlife, enjoy birding around the Savannah, The Game drive will enable you track down some of the varied giant birds like Ostriches, the rare shoebill among others, the afternoon session is a cheerful momment to sight at the relaxing leopards, lions hiding away from direct sunlight.Retire back from the jungle before the sun burrows behind the mountains, Return to your hotel/Lodge for an overnight, dinner and relaxation.

Day 6: Transfer from Kidepo Valley to Gulu City

Check out and prepare for the worthy road drive to Gulu town, We shall branch to Kitgum for our lunch and later proceed through the rolling hills in the northen corridor pointing to Gulu. Gulu city is largely inhabited by the Acholi people. Well the diverse mixed cultures in the area give it a mixed multi lingual group of those who Speak the Luo, Kiswahili, English, and Luganda. Gulu town is known to be a developing town in Uganda was however submerged by the Civil war out break in the ealry 1990s. Relax in one of your Safari hotel accommodation. Acholi Inn, Acholi Bar, Pearl Afrique (midrange and upmarket facility), Frankline hotel(Budget travelers).

Day 7: Transfer from Gulu town to Kampala City/ Entebbe Airport :

After a rewardable relaxation, wake up and prepare for your morning breakfast, After, Check out and prepare to enroute back to the Uganda’s capital and largest city or Entebbe Airport. The road drive takes you to cover approximately 340 kilometres from Gulu to the City. Well there is still much to see on your road drive, especially encountering with the locals along the way running after the vehicles to sell off their vendored products.

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