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Prepare for your adventurous 3 days Nyiragongo safari hiking the smoky Strato Nyiragongo voluminous volcano Summit known to be the world’s largest lava lake raised in the Rwanda. The rewarding trails are enormous full of life giving epic views as you travel through Gisenyi Rwanda or diverging via Congo.

Why a must for 3 days Nyiragongo in the Virunga volcanoes ranges

Expect to encounter: Virunga ranges, Virunga National Park, Lake Kivu, Volcanoes national park, Kigali city, Wildlife, Forest Trails, Hiking the summit, virunga ranges and many more. The thrilling surrounding hundreds of small volcanic cinder cones from flank eruptions give it a dome name and a high rank that demands a man’s key note. The trail to foot hills is wild and makes you feel the depth of a jungle.

Itinerary for your 3 days Nyiragongo safari trip

Day 1: Travelling to Gisenyi / Goma border.

Prior as arranged with the Uganda’s popular company over your 3 days Nyiragongo safari, we shall locate ourselves on the compass to Gisenyi in the motherly Rwanda or opt to penetrate through Goma on the Congo side where we shall have our overnight. Our clients tend to have a night in Gisenyi-Rwanda due to the overlooking epic hotels unlike Goma side with Mikeno lodge, Ihusi hotel and Bukima Camp hotels.

The Rwanda side overnight is rewarding, an early morning raids our minds with engrossing activities like touring the Kigali City, spanning through the encountering with the Iby’iwacu cultural village for an hour at least.

Day 2: Hiking Nyiragongo Volcanoes Mountain Ranges

Well, you have to be physically fit or else you might need a porter to carry you on your 3 days Mountain Climbing tour. After your early morning breakfast, our guide will direct you to the briefing zone at Kibati ranger post in Virunga National Park. Well, our luggage shall not be left behind, there are porters who normally charge a sum of not more than 20 dollars to help you out. Hopefully you pack your own meal or enjoy the meal prepared by a responsible team from the park.


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Wake up ealry morning for a delicious breakfastnumerous different meals with a diet of over 380 boosted calories, with less or no fat content.

After that by 06:00 get ready, An early preparation ensures us to be done with the park activities by 06:00pm

This persuasive 3 days Nyiragongo Uganda safari is provocative to those who have prepared well enough before the trek, many our clients are experienced trekkers with a high agility to win the summit, while others are fresh to mountain hiking. Please your advised to let us know and prepare for you all the prerequisites towards your unusual thought provoking 3 days nyrigongo hike.

Day 3 – Retreat back from the 3 days Nyiragongo Safari Package.

A cool brazing environment with spreading wavy trees over the neighboring epic features sets us for an early warm breakfast, prepare for the transfer redirecting through the summit with the inspiring views of Lake Kivu fresh waters and the adjacent Goma pointing in the magnificent Virunga National Park. Navigate through the trails up to the park office, enclosing back to Kigali or your area of interest other than the area of pick up.

What you May need to Carry along with you: Mountain Hiking Requirements

Mountaineering Nyiragongo Safari is a demanding activity and is very serious undertaking. The more prepared you are, the more enjoyable your trip will be. Physical fitness is one aspect of preparation that takes time and commitment. It is an important component of risk management, because the more fit we are as a team, the more capacity we have to deal with challenging situations. You may need to carry along Mountain hiking boots, Sun glasses, caps, Rain jackets, Gloves, Flexible hiking clothes and other related equipments as advised by our guide

what’s included

  • Park fees (for non-residents)
  • Gorilla permits (one per person, non-resident)
  • Chimp permits (one per person, non-resident)
  • All activities (unless labeled as optional)
  • All accommodation
  • A professional driver/guide
  • All transportation (unless labeled as optional)
  • All taxes/VAT
  • Roundtrip airport transfer
  • Meals (as specified in the day-by-day section)
  • Drinking water (on all days)
what’s excluded

  • International flights (from/to home)
  • Additional accommodation before and at end of the tour, if needed
  • Tips
  • Personal items (souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fees, etc.)
  • Government imposed increase of taxes and/or park fees
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