3 days Gorilla Habituation Bwindi Impenetrable forest

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3 days gorilla habituation Bwindi Impenetrable forest is a Uganda Safari to the home of Mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, One of the renowned destination for trekking Uganda Safari. Experience 2 Nights, 3 days road tour experience on the Countryside covered in mist and rich with African Paradise, Bwindi is where the story begins for every Uganda tourist wishing to have a full day Gorilla Habituation experience in one of the listed world heritage sites situated along the Democratic republic of Congo next to the and on the edge of the .

is a secluded habitat of its own kind, and is most notable to more than 400 Bwindi Gorillas, half of the world’s population of the Endangered Mountain Gorillas, existing with over 14 habituated mountain gorilla groups all open to our visiting tourists in four different sectors of Ruhija, Buhoma, Nkuringo and Rushaga.

Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park is a fantasy Uganda Safari destination, the only Uganda Gorilla National Park that co-exists with amidst other wildlife creatures like colobus monkeys, many bird species such as hornbills and turacos. The park features important water catchment areas which include rivers like Ivi, Ihihizo, Ishasha, Munyaga, Ntegyere flowing  into Lake Edward, others flowing into Lakes and Mutanda.

Previously Bwindi was known as an iconic destination for Uganda gorilla trekking Safari not until the Uganda wildlife Authority introduced the Mountain Gorilla Habituation experience to help all visiting travellers quickly interact with the Uganda Gorillas, should you be interested in our 3 days Gorilla habituation Bwindi Experience, then send us an inquiry on our email: info@gorollatripsuganda.com.

A complete Guide to a 3 Day Gorilla Habituation experience

Day 1: Road tour from Entebbe/Kampala to Bwindi Impenetravle forest.

Early morning by 7:00 pm, our African Adventure Travellers Safari guide will pick you up from your hotel in Kampala /Entebbe Airport, Drive through the Kampala-Masaka-Mbarara-Kisoro road to cover a 9-10 hours road drive, watch the astounding sceneries transform from sky scrapping buildings to an expanse of rolling hills carpeted with thick foliage, the locals love grazing their local long horned cattle along the slopes, others have coffee plantations intermixed with unique crops.

Pass through Kayabwe to Masaka, a popular site for drumming activities, the locals showpiece, can’t be beaten up by any competitor. It’s a true modern art with history. Proceed to Masaka for our first stop, to sight at the Equator crossing line, set your camera and have some photographs and perhaps you can opt buying a souvenir from the nearby shops. embark on the road drive to Mbarara town where we shall our next stop for lunch at Agip Motel.

The road tour to Bwindi is full of unending insights, from the tightly bending snake-like roads neatly fitted to sit on the natural contours of the spherical hills crowned by plantations in the Kigezi region, to the busy locals participating in unique African activities gives it a no doubt, so far, the best memorable road tour experience in the country unbeaten by any. Proceed to the southern part of Bwindi in Kisoro late in the evening for your dinner, and an overnight.

Meal plan: Lunch and Dinner, Overnight Lodge: Nkuringo Gorilla Camp

Day 2: Spend 4 hours interacting with the Bwindi habituated Gorillas

This is a gorilla habituation experience bwindi day, Wake up to the morning sounds of nature, a sharp contrast from the hubbub of city life, the morning scene testifies about the secrets in the jungle, with the green jungle layered in mist floating around. Our guide/driver will drive you to the park headquarters, join other travellers for a briefing about the do’s and don’ts on a Bwindi Mountain Gorilla habituation Safari, After this, our trained game rangers along with the researchers will take you to the promised land.

On the don’t be frightened encountering with other forest dwellers like unique bird species, monkeys, hyenas among others. Once you find out the gorillas, spend 4 hours interacting with them, learn how they feed, groom each other, lay their nests and many other inviting scenes. You will see the researchers doing their work of habituating gorillas, don’t be afraid to participate in their daily activities like feeding the gorillas, collecting samples, naming of group members, making calls to these Gorillas and many more.This will be a great point for your best shot, take as many photographs as you can for your memorable 3 days habituation experience tour.

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Packed Lunch and Dinner, Overnight Lodge: Nkuringo Gorilla Camp

Day 3: Drive back to your Preferred drop point in Kampala/ Entebbe

Nkuringo keeps you close the jungle secrets, sometimes you may be visited by the Gorillas or Monkeys, they too love suprises and have a way of checking on their friends. Don’t be frightened just in case you see them loitering around. Affter the breakfast, check out of the lodge and re-emback on our road drive back to or . We can drop you to your preferred destination in Kampala/Entebbe, for continuing travellers, proceed with our tailored Safari packages with Uganda Gorillas and wildlife Safaris

Travel from Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Map

Flight Charters from Kampala to Bwindi are Available

3 flights per day, 1h 35m duration. For those planning to use Air means to Bwindi Impenetrable forest, you will still not miss out, you stand a chance to fly over the African horizons with a complete sketch of the topography.

Kampala (all airports) to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (all airports)

07:45→09:30 : Aerolink Uganda 111
12:45→13:55 : Aerolink Uganda 121
12:45→14:35 : Aerolink Uganda 6020

Some of the Gorilla tracking Guidelines to consider before you Visit Gorillas
  • Do not get so close to the gorillas more than 7 metres.
  • A maximum number of 8 visitors is allowed to visit a group of the habituated mountain gorillas in a day.
  • You are advised to stay in your group whey you are near the gorillas.
  • Keep your voices down at all times. However, it is okay to ask the guide questions
  • You are not allowed to smoke, drink or eat when you are near the gorillas. Eating or drinking inevitably can increase the risk of food/drink morsels/droplets falling, which could increase the risk of transmission of diseases.
  • No one with any sort of disease or communicable disease (e.g Flu, Diarrhea) is allowed to enter the park for tracking.
  • Flash photography is not permitted! When taking pictures move slowly and carefully.
  • Do not touch the gorillas. Have it in mind that these are wild animals
  • Keep your voices down at all times. However, it is okay to ask the guide questions.
  • You are only allowed to spend 1 hour with the Gorillas, however, if the gorillas become agitated or nervous, the guide will finish the visit early.
What you need to Carry on your Gorilla tracking Safari
    • Remember to put on comfortable hiking shoes suitable for steep muddy slopes, if you don’t have time for this, you can still buy when you arrive for your safari.
    • Put on ear plugs for those who feel uncomfortable with the jungle sounds.
    • You might need to carry enough packed water, our guide will take you through this
    • Carry a rain gear, or an umbrella, sunscreen lotion, a hat/Cap (as the weather is unpredictable) and insect repellent.
    • Bring a photo of film camera to take hundreds of captions. Using flashlight is not permitted so we recommend using films of 400-800 ASA.
    • For more tips about Gorilla trekking, we shall guide you what you need to carry before you arrive for your Safari

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