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2 days Masai Mara Safari is an authentic Kenya Safari in the Pleistocene Masai Mara National Park providing Africa’s top destinations in a miniature with diverse land scene contrasts, geographic show pieces and all that Nature can provide with the world’s rarest creatures in this western Rift valley executing diverse Masai Mara wildlife and the local cultures in the Savannah.

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Visit Masai Mara Reserve for your pleasurable Masai Mara national reserve safari full of epic views in the Kenya wildlife Spend hours on your Masai Mara in the wilderness experiencing the thrilling nature on the population of Masai Mara wildlife, the enchanting number of the Masai Mara wildebeests gives it a case study to viewers. To some prefer camps in Masai Mara game reserve, as they rivet their attention to the horrifying wildlife crossing over to the grazing zones.

A complete Guide to the Masai Mara Wildlife National Reserve 2 days

Masai Mara National Reserve is a prominent National Reserve in the Kenya’s hemisphere, it generates a lot of income to the stunning environment. The 2 days Masai Mara is one of the winning best Masai Mara safari packages that takes us through 2 days exploring Masai Mara wildlife flat plateaus. Our customized 2 days Masai Mara safari in the Masai Mara plains is suitable to those intending to have a short experience over the beauty of Masai Mara game reserve. This Masai Mara trip opens you to the evening game drives on your first day, then followed by the following day half day game drives in the flat plains of Masai Mara.

The locals in the hood refer to it as “the Mara”, it makes its beauty in the adjacent prolific Serengeti park as seen in the Mara Region Tanzania. “Mara” is traditionally recognized by the ancient inhabitants of this wilderness-the Masai, as their way of describing its vegetation characterized by the cloudy-misty shadows, scrubs, Savannah and shrubs.

The 2 days masai mara Safari wildlife National Park Game reserve Itinerary

Book with African Adventure travelers, a registered tour travel safari Company for this compelling adventure, our travel and tour tips can guide you about the prerequisites of the gripping 2 days Masai Mara safari ranges, Get to know Masai Mara lodges and camp sand the Masai Mara safari packages price for your valuable offer. We ensure the best place to stay in Masai Mara is readily available for your safari holiday in Kenya

Day 1: Transfer from Nairobi City to the Masai Mara plains

An early morning upsets our minds in preparation for the morning drive, Our driver/Staff will be ready to pick you up from the hotel in our Safari Tour Vehicle, navigate out of the city driving through Narok town to the rolling flat plateaus of Masai Mara. The reverting nature of the Kenya highlands gives a magnificent picturesque full of winning moments on your safari holiday, Listen to the stories about the Masai people believed to be the first inhabitants of this place, their way of life reminds you about the African bush man. See the local natives; the Maasai nomads with their red cloaks, local necklaces, plaited hair, their long height nature suitably is a revoking attribute as you might join them to perform several enchanting cultural dances.

Proceed and be thrilled by 700 square mile flat land primarily open grassland with seasonal river lets dominated by swampy grounds and the adjacent acacia trees. The wildlife reserve is seen bounded by the pointing Serengeti Park south wards, the north Maasai pastoral ranches and the western Siria escarpments. The curving trails shall yield us to the camps in Masai Mara game reserve. Check in, relax and have lunch as you prepare for the evening game drives in the flat plains. Retire back from your evening game drive late evening, have supper, overnight and relaxation in Masai Mara Springs Tented Camp

Day 2: Morning Game Drive(Optional) or Masai Mara Hot air Balloon Ride (Optional)

Choose either to go for the morning Masai Mara game drive or the morning Masai Mara Hot air balloon flight. The wavy cool, moderate and soothing blowing winds down the plains is unforgettable experience with panorama views sketching out the Savannah. Depending on the weather, On normal climatic conditions, one who opts for the Masai Mara balloon flight gets a compelling chance to be on the sweeping hot air balloon ride in the open skies of Masai Mara soaring over a large population of wild animals. Be part of the team in filling the hot air balloon. Later jump on the traditional gondola basket, the pilots ensure a lot of safety while operating this bulged balloon. Get exposed to the ‘life limits in air’ as you sail in the sunny direction from space, feeling a different part of life on your side, visualizing the beneath population of wild species like Antelopes and many more. Finally come back to earth with a lot of absorbing mindful moments.

The other option is the morning Masai Mara game drive that offers valuable views to Masai Mara wildlife on the game drives on your 2 day Masai Mara tour. After your breakfast, our driver/tour guide will transfer you the game trails very early morning, spot a large herd of wildlife crossing over to the water bodies to grazing chambers. Well, this is the most enjoyable time where our clients find it absorbing, you may set a camera for you video capture, as the wildlife school crosses for a couple of minutes continuously. The sharp kings of the jungles like lions, cheetahs, leopards will be re-establishing themselves for the early trapping of the innocent weak grazing wild animals. Retire back for lunch, and prepare to re embark on the road drive back to your Hotel or be escorted to Nairobi Airport for your flight.

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