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1 day Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary Uganda wildlife Safari gives you a closer feel to the one of the bigfive of Africa, a short visit to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary takes us just 180 kilometres, by road, north of Kampala through the terraced hillsides to the grassy plains in Nakitoma Village, Nakasongola District, in the Kafu River Basin, off the Kampala–Gulu Highway. The sanctuary is a secluded Uganda habitat for the southern white rhinoceros protected from human and non-human predators and gradually re-introduced into Uganda’s national parks, while at the same time, allowing the a visiting traveler on a Uganda tour to enjoy a Rhino tracking tour.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is a collaborative effort between the Uganda Wildlife Authority, and the Rhino Fund Uganda, a Ugandan NGO that struggles to restore Uganda’s rhinoceros population. The Project is also geared by the Ziwa Ranchers Limited, a private land management company that also straddles to meet the Objective. With both the Northern white rhinoceros and the the Black Rhinoceros being indigenous to the country due to some of the hindering factors not forgetting that the increasing human threat through poaching and the mismanagement of their natural habitat in the late 1980’s leaving out all the species wiped out. One could say they were to levels of extinction in this land however the good news is that, with much love from all visiting travellers and the love to conserve and protect such habitats, the population of the rhino’s gradually keeps increasing.

Visit a home of the Only left 21 Uganda southern white Rhinos on your 1 day Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary Uganda Safari that sits on the 7000 hectare sized land with Savannah woodlands consisting of numerous grass species offering a breeding bed to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary wildlife and a finest destination centre to Uganda Birding Safaris.

Uganda wildlife attracts thousands of tourists due to the compelling centers. Our popular 1 day Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary with southern white Rhino’s, Birding safari takes us through the prominent savannah woodlands with red throated grasses that give rhinos a motherly ecological niche for their breeding as well encountering Ziwa Rhino sanctuary wildlife species like Kobs, Oribis, rich bucks, crocodiles, hyenas, hippos all suppress the desire of your 1 day tour in Uganda.

This is the best destination Wildlife reserve for the Uganda Rhino, its a home to more than 40 rhino’s. The sanctuary is located in Nakasongola district part of the cities in Uganda with cattles along Gulu highway. Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is a home of white southern rhinoceros, currently the black ones are not in the sanctuary.

However due to the conflicts and a number of facts including poaching and mismanagement of the natural habitat by people in the 1970s, a big number of Rhinos were killed and lost their habitat. Ziwa Rhino sanctuary was then established to reintroduce the southern white rhinos in Uganda with the goal of building and sustaining them back to their original habitat.Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is the only place in Uganda where Rhinos can be observed in their natural habitat where they are protected from human and non-human predators. The sanctuary is surrounded by a 2metre electric fence to keep Rhinos in and intruders out.

It started with a total number of 6 rhinos, 4 from Kenya, 2 Disney’s animal world in Orland. And by 2007 to 2014 the number of Rhinos had grown to a total of 15 following the birth of calves in the sanctuary. To enjoy the trip book in Advance with us for your Rhino permit. Activities Include on our 1 Day Ziwa Rhino Trekking(Rhino trekking, Nature walks, Bird watching, Beautifully picturesque scenic Views, Birding, Ziwa wildlife)

Itinerary | 1 Day Ziwa Rhino Trekking

Wake up early morning and be picked up by a tour guide from your hotel or area of residence by 7am. Travel very early morning as this enables the driver/guide not to encounter with the traffic jam in order to cover up the 3 hour drive on time and reach early. The thrilling park takes us through Kampala City, Nakasongo, Uganda roads, mountaneous relief, Ziwa Rhino sanctuary

Then, you will stopover at Luwero triangle, where you might purchase some fruits for the day and drive through this city. Luwero is remembered in the history of Uganda for the brutal bush war that brought the current ruling government to power.

We proceed to Nakasogola, and as you drive to the Rhino sanctuary, you will see cattles grazing. Finally, you reach the natural habitat through the Rwanyanya Swamp easing over humps and squeezed trenches with potholes and stone rivers that bash through the savannah grass species where a track is blocked. Be guided by an experienced game ranger. We shall have a foot walk, go through the habitat while the guide feeds you with information as you listen to the interesting information

Spend 1-2 hours with the Rhinos as they feed on grass enjoying their free movements while you observe them closely at a safe distance. This encounter with the southern white Rhino will give you an experience with the second biggest mammal after the elephant and largest in the group of Rhinos.

Not only enjoying the Rhino trekking, the sanctuary is a home with at least 40 mammals, reptiles, tree species and water bodies. See the crocodiles and other activities that you may encounter like birding, you might spot out some bird species like the most visited shoebill at the swamp, African blue fly catcher, African broad bill, Brown parrot, African fish eagle etc.

You might also spot out the black and white colobus monkeys moving around and climbing over trees, antelopes, hippos, canoeing at ziwa swamp, and the nature walk. Enjoy your trip well trekking the Rhinos then have your lunch at Kabalega dinner after head to Kampala before 6pm. For those who wish to stay for an overnight, there are nearby accommodations like Amka safari lodge in the reserve, guest house budget and restaurants which offer meals to tourists.

Summary of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary Activities

On foot Rhino Trekking, Nature walks in the Sanctuary, Shoebill Canoe drive through the Lugogo Swamp, Enjoying the finest 4 Birding trails with access to over 350 birds, enjoying the Annual raft race fund raiser, Visiting the Craft shop, Visiting the locals in the park who are cattle grazers, Visiting the community school AkunaMata with over 80 pupils.

Road Drive from Kampala to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Whats included on 1 day Ziwa rhino tracking
  • Park fees (for non-residents)
  • All activities (unless labeled as optional)
  • A professional driver/guide
  • All transportation (unless labeled as optional)
  • All taxes/VAT
  • Roundtrip airport transfer
  • Meals (as specified in the day-by-day section)
  • Drinking Bottled water
Whats excluded, 1 day Ziwa rhino tracking
    • International flights (from/to home)
    • Additional accommodation before and at end of the tour, if needed
    • Tips/ Tipping locals or guide
    • Personal items (souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fees, etc.)
    • Government imposed increase of taxes and/or park fees

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