1 Day Trip Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Day and overnight visit

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1 day Ngamba island Safari is a short Uganda Safari destinations but with Vast Safari amenities not to miss om your Holiday Safari at Ngamba Island Island, Visiting the home of over 49 orphaned chimpanzees rescued from the illegal pet and bushmeat trade around East Africa. Ngamba Island has it all, Isolated and protected in the heart of the fresh waters of Lake Victora, it all presents a memorable authentic Chimpanzee experience at the Island not forgetting the Island being a haven for other futuristic Activities to warm you up throughout the day.

Review of 1 Day Trip Ngamba Island – 1 Day Ngamba nature walks – 1 day Visiting Uganda Islands

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary was established in October 1998 to care for orphaned chimpanzees that had been rescued from poachers by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, and are unlikely to survive. It is readably seen spanning 100 acres of land engulfed by a rainforest situated a short boat ride of about 23km away from Entebbe, near the Equator in Lake Victoria, Uganda. If you are doing the morning session, you will set off at 9:00am, and 12noon for the afternoon 1 Day Trip Ngamba Island session.

It supports a rich diversity of natural wildlife, ecological plant species, thus providing a variety of natural foods for the chimpanzees. Our 1 Day Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is really an amazing experience. Have an encounter with the friendly in the habituated sanctuaries, enjoy a trek on Uganda Island learn so many things like how they move, feed, climb trees and their ability to listen and interpret some of the man’s sign language, the nature walks on Uganda Island.

Head to the Island on , 1 Day Trip Ngamba Island is a memorable trip tour that you should have in mind because of its fascinating adventures on the Island. The journey to Ngamba island is gripping by nature full of mindblowing beautifully views

Itenerary of 1 Day Trip to Ngamba Island

Your 1 Day Trip to the Ngamba Island shall include a pick up and drop off at your hotel/residence for your .You will shortly be briefed about the 1 Day Trip Ngamba Island by your driver/guide and drive to the mainland lake Victoria shores before jumping on your speed boat. Here, you will be provided with a life guard jacket and raincoat for your ride to the island.

Get on board for a slightly bumpy ride on Lake Victoria as you cross the equator line on water.
Spot a few birds hunt for fish in the lake, and neighboring islands of . Get to the island, you will be welcomed by one of the Ngamba island sanctuary staff and a flock of weaver birds plus the sun bathing monitor lizards ushering you on the Chimpanzee island.

Your island guide will lead you to a complimentary breakfast, that is tea/coffee with a snack as you wait for the second feeding of the chimpanzees later at 11:00am. Head to the beautiful scenery of the chimpanzee habitat, get to see some of the trees that act as herbs for the chimps for example the luwawu tree that is a de-wormer for them, Discover out some of the equipment that were confiscated from the poachers that were used to hunt the chimps. Finally, view the chimpanzees from a raised platform created for the visitors, after sanitizing your hands.

You may participate in feeding them as you hear the tales about the different chimpanzees. Surely the 1 Day Trip Ngamba Island is readable throughout its course, Observe their behavior and they too will do the same, And here you can take pictures of your favorite chimpanzee and also create memories. Get shown their holding area, where they sleep and also have their breakfast from. From the chimp viewing platform,proceed to the garden where volunteers take part in growing food for the chimps. Visit the record keeping office, where each chimp has its’ records, collected every single day.

See the food store where the food from the mainland is kept, the supply is made every five days. Conclusively, get to see a demonstration of how the chimps are fed while in the holding area. There after, be treated to a delicious lunch freshly prepared by the Chef. After your meal, you can do other activities of your choice like sunbathing, play volley ball and also take more pictorials. We shall retire back, our tour company will aid you to return to the mainland for your on-ward journey to Entebbe Airport or back to your hotel.

There are 2,visiting sessions ie; Morning session departs from the mainland at 9:00am,returns at 2:15pm. And then the afternoon session that departs at 12noon and returns at 5pm.

Ngamba Island Sanctuary Chimpanzee tour Safari Experience

8 out of 10
Uganda Safari with Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Experience Just on a 1 day Ngamba Island with chimpanzees, i knew there was much to fall in love with, from the sunset boat cruises at Ngamba to the welcoming haven of a Sanctuary isolated in one of the great lakes - Lake Victoria, it all gave a Mediterranean mood to feel a step on this island, then the isolated orphaned Chimpanzees were so babyish, i couldn't hesitate my self from getting close. We fed the chimpanzees, some touched me...... Chimpanze trek The experience is only for the physically fit and is quit demanding, you must have prepared for the trek. I even recommend to carry along with you afew items, leave ya bags back at the hotel. Get a few hiking items like hiking shoes, good clothes and don't forget your camera. You need memmorable captions otherwise you will come back with demanding hands
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