1 Day Sipi Falls Tour, Hiking Sipi falls Kapchorwa Uganda

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1 day Sipi Falls Tour builds our memories in the Uganda Safari Jungles, walking along the edge of the rocks where it branches off the swollen noise of the large Sipi pool leaving behind a salvo of sound streaming into one infinity pool of bliss down the curved basins that offer swimming grounds to our clients who prepare for a Sipi shower in the golden land of adventure, listening to the Sipi falls unusual humming sound vibrating in the air where it sounds like a swarm of bees.

1 Day Sipi Falls Tour is a confirmed alluring adventure that joins the heart of Africa by the 3 Atlantis-blue like water falls sited on on the most hiked rocky defined hills in the famous clans of Kapchorwa district gushing over the rocks recording a widest point and the largest water fall surging and plunging down the mountain northeast of Sirinko and Mbale in Eastern Uganda.

The iconic scene offers a memorable 1 Day Sipi Falls Tour Safari through a beautiful serenity-pool hiking towards the magical Mountain Elgon, encountering with the Uganda’s famous clan Bagisu with stunning cultural events as well as their mountainous settlements. Well, our safari throws us under the water falls to enjoy numerous sipi activities including Abseiling over the rocks sight seeing the Karmoja plains that form a markable point to the neighboring kenya plains. With in our 1 day sipi excursion, the wonderful sounds and the life giving landscapes generate a memorable

The word sipi is derived from “Sep” a plantation which resembles a Banana plantation at the banks of the River, it’s used as a medicine plantation it’s named after the tribe in Mbale the Bagishu.

1 Day Sipi Falls Tour Safari includes: Nature walks, hike to the falls, sight seeing of the karamoja plains, lake kyoga and mount Elgon. Tour | Safari Exclusive. Tips, Phone bills, personal expenditure, alcoholic drinks, travel insurance, shop item purchases.

Itinerary of our Kapchorwa Uganda | Sipi falls hike | Abseiling

Early morning have a cup of Tea at 6:00am at your area of residence or accommodation and set off your 1 Day Sipi Falls Tour to Sipi falls Kapchorwa at 6:30am with the drive/tour guide. On our way to Sipi falls, you will sight view one of the biggest forest in Uganda Mabira forest which is filled with the cool weather as you travel. View the sugar plantation and tea plantations at Lugazi, and as you enter jinja city you will encounter withthe source of River Nile.

This place, generates hydro-electric Power in Uganda at Owen falls Dam at bridge. Arrive at sipi falls and have a cup of coffee at sipi River Lodge to relax and unwind after a long journey and hustle of the cities. Your guide/driver will take you through a brief of the whole tour to hike and trail through the falls well enjoying the best views of the sceneries in all direction.

The 1 Day Sipi Falls Tour trek has a well maintained network though quite challenging with steep points which need more of exercise before your tour more especially on the rainy day. The hiking is 7km and it takes nearly 4 hours to the falls, very worthy of Tour depending on your ability to reach the falls and enjoy the water breeze and feel the cool weather.

The trek is a haven of unending insights as you encounter with the nearby hospitable communities; the locals mainly include the Sabiny and Bagishu living around this area. You will sight at their Plantations as you trail thru, The locals carry out intermixed farming and normally grow Arabica coffee and is the major cash crop in this land, the coffee plantations grow on altitudes between 1600 metres and 1900 metres above sea level. While there individuals can engage in visiting these plantations with our local guides in the area.

After your long Sipi Falls trek, sight see the Karamoja plains, Lake Kyoga and mountain Elgon with pleasing features
Return to after your trip before 8:pm and if you wish to stay for an overnight.

You can be accommodated at either sipi River lodge, Lacam lodge, sipi falls resort, forest exploration centre, Moses camp, Noah’s ark. All these are optional.

Hiking Sipi Falls is a thrilling adventure, the Sipi Falls area is the starting point for moat of the Mountain Elgon Hiking Safari. The most popular route starts in Budadiri following the Sasa trail to the summit and then descends down the Sipi trail back into the Sipi Falls. It’s a mountaineering experience that test your adrenaline and is only adventurous for those who have prepared for it. Hikes around the falls offer stunning views of the Lake Kyoga, Karamoja plains, and the slopes of Mt. Elgon. Individuals can organise customized trips to sight see at sipi falls or hike Mountain Elgon.

NoteTour inclusives: Transport, drinking water, Tour guide, lunch Meal plan: lunch. Travel time: 4hours

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