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1 day Mabamba Swamp Uganda birding Safari Unwinds your birding safari Uganda adventuring on the epic views that engross a birdlover to the best Uganda birding Safari destinations on a 1 Day Mabamba tour Island, Birding, Home of Shoebill Uganda Safari with the red throated swamps, way like thread structures in the Swamps which is a home to the rare shoebill. Mabamba Island Sits on the life giving Victoria basin. 1 Day Mabamba Island is a key unique adventure compared to its location and the neighboring beautiful sceneries that are rewarding to the l islands tour.

is located at the shores of Lake Victoria in Entebbe town 45km away from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. it’s a ramser site to over 300 bird species. Visiting Uganda has always been a gripping catchy zone for birders and other attractions. The supporting adulating flat plains with water basins give it a high remedy to the life of water bird species and aquatic life. The 1 day tour in Uganda is engrossing and rewarding when it comes to canoe riding. You may opt to take part in the boat canoe ride on Mabamba island.

Mabamba swamp favors birders most who can spend a day in the swamp of papyrus to spot out different bird species. Many tourists spend a a whole day birding with the magical experience with in the swamp environment and water bodies. Jumping on the canoes to track for the rare bird is mind-blowing adventure that is life taking. Well, for birders, this is your bed of roses, the swamp harbors over 100 bird species. African Adventure Travelers partners with Uganda wildlife Authority to take you through this magnificent 1 day wildlife tour Uganda.

Uganda is known worldwide as a bird destination and Mabamba is one of the swamps in Uganda with a big number of bird species. The Wet land is proved to be the most reliable site for the shoebill stock in the world next to Murchison falls, its part of Uganda’s ecosystem which supports 50% of Africa’s birds and 11% of the global scale.

1 day mabamba birding Safari includes (Bird watching, Canoeing, Sight seeing, Nature walks, Sport Fishing, Culture Encounters-the fishing societies as we shall see)

Itinerary about the 1 Day Mabamba Island

A Tour guide will pick you up from your residence or hotel in the morning to set off for the whole day birding experience depending on the location where you are. Then, Early morning at exactly 7am, we shall be set already, in order not to encounter with the traffic jam in the capital city(Kampala) which might be there, and to spot out well the shoebill which is the main bird that attracts tourist.

This bird can easily be seen in the morning while it’s standing still for a long period waiting for the movement of its prey the mudfish or frogs but also it might be spotted the all day. Arrive at the shores of the lake in Nakiwogo landing site for a canoe ride or ferry paddling through the narrow water channels surrounding the dense vegetation the 20 minute drive to the swamp.

Then, we use a canoe boat through the papyrus reeds that opens up into a flat grass wetlands which enables you to spot out many birds like egrets, cormorants which are common in the swamp. The canoe ride is adventurous as you feel and sail over the cold waters of the longest lake by area- lake Victoria, the water prevailing conducive winds make you feel a life taking moment that is unforgettable experience. The wide frontal views of the flat water-bodies deviating to corners of the swampy areas make it unique and rewarding.

Other birds noted here, after recent years of surveys include slender-billed gull, the pied kingfisher papyrus gonolek, white shouldered tit, red cap, western banded snake eagle, white winged warbler, white spotted fantail, Allen’s ,purple gallinule, grey horns, jacanas, rufous, bellied heron, spotted water ducks ,the blue swallow ,long crested eagle, little bee eater ,whin chat, long toed lapwing, Tawny eagle, olive ceous warbler, yellow wagtail, tawny-flanked perinea, northern brown throated weaver, grassland pipit, house sparrow, sand martin, fork-tailed dragon, Ashy fly catcher ,grebes, darters ,bitterns, black heron, hammer kop, hadada ibis, African open bill, lesser flamingos, Caspian plover, red kite, the swamp dwelling situating antelope which is hunted by the local people might be explored during the Tour.

You can also spot out other water species and rare plants like sand boxes. Enjoy the trip in the habitat of bird species and water species in the swamp, located at the largest lake in Africa and second largest in the world. Its unforgettable experience in the swamp full of different species, And to make your day well, you take photographs of a thrilled experiences since it’s a whole day of birding.

Note different birds can be spotted out in this 1 Day Mabamba Adventure, through a guided ride over the water bodies, take time to sport at them, enjoy a beautifully picturesque for your memories of 1 day safari tour in Uganda. Discover out why the rare shoebill prefers swampy areas and not deep waters, the breeding zones and its life gesture.

Our responsible African Adventure Tour guide in partnership with Uganda wildlife conservation authority, will return you back to the shores in Entebbe town to have your meals then head back to the swamp. The whole day of birding can produce to a big number of bird species

Inclusive (Meal: lunch, Transport, Fuel, Guides fee) Exclusion (Guide tipping, Personal up keep, Phones bills

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