Our trip to Murchison falls Safari holiday

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I wasn’t afraid for the cold draughts in the Morning, Murchison falls National Park was a familiar bed of roses i had actually visited. Tom the senior guide was to take us down in the secret lonelisome horizons on Our trip to Murchison falls. There was much to note, the travel guidelines, the tour inclusives and the tour exclusives. Travel isn’t always pretty nor comfortable, it just gives us what we dont expect, makes us fall in love with nature recipes.

Early in morning the artistic golden sun sets in the city guided us, Tom the senior guide, Kaal and Laura (Japanese). Just like baby, it started painting the dark black sky into a bright blue sky as we rushed through the Open streets of Kampala City, a city known to Operate throught night. The bright looking milky clouds tgat goten us up from sleep, started travelling around the sky visiting the wonderful environment.

Murchison falls National Park is just northwest Uganda sitted on the shore of Lake Albert, We drove 5 hours through the curving roads with much to feed our eyes, the vegetations coiling the unique landscapes give a magnificent picturesque. Ou first stop point was Kabalega Dinners, one of the inspiring African restaurants with all recipes, for vegetarians, this is the best centre. For about 10-15 minutes we were through the breakfast, then drove straight to heaven of happiness.

By 11:00 am, we had reached the Murchison falls National Park gate, we cleared with the Uganda wildlife, took some pictures for our memorable Uganda Safari, then entered the Park. The road trails through the Park have avariety of wildlife, as you drive through the curving trails crowned with vegetations, you spot out numerous bird species like dwarf kingfisher, Goliath heron, white-thighed hornbill, the rare shoe-billed stork, turacoes, and then the most welcoming friends paraded in schools – the barboons.

Hiking Top of the Murchison falls.

One has to carry a Jumper, hiking boots. The Slopes are slipperly and require some effort. The environment is full of humid air with rain droplets. Well this is not just rain

A short drive in the Park led us to the mouth of the Open Murchison falls, roaring and tumbling over the rocks. Murchison Falls, is also known as Kabalega Falls, is a meandering waterfall between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert on the White Nile River. We hiked up to the top of Murchison Falls, with our naked eyes, we gave eveidence that, the Nile forces its way through a gap in the rocks, only 7 metres wide, and tumbles 43 metres (141 ft), before flowing westward into Lake Albert

Murchsion falls Game drives

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