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3 days Gorilla tracking Rwanda reverts back memories in an orchard of forest gardens in Rwanda on our 3 days gorillas Rwanda Package Safari in an immensely old, unfully exploited Jungle full of character and charisma, where the Mahogany trees give no light penetration beneath the ancient trees rare to find across Africa, the Vegetation sculpted by time dating thousand years of existence form up to habituate the Rwanda Mountain Gorillas, this is one of the best destinations for a Gorilla trekking Safari and a home to a whole host of Rwanda wildlife.

Visit Rwanda for a 3 days gorillas Rwanda Safari Package on a 3 days Rwanda tour, trekking the world’s most endegered species, the Mountain Gorillas. is an interesting adventure, encounter with the huge gentle mountain gorillas in the vicinity of the in Rwanda. Curious about mountain gorilla facts, mountain gorilla population, mountain gorilla gorilla diet,gorilla trekking Rwanda price, Rwanda gorilla trekking best time to go, Rwanda gorilla permit, Gorilla permit Prices Well, be assertive towards the breath taking tour in the vicinity of Rwanda ranges.

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(e.g. when you are 2 people, each pays $1,255),(When you are 3 people, each pays $1,218 like that)

Number of people per group 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Pricing amount Per head $1,255 pp $1,218 pp $1,140 pp $1,130 pp $1,120 pp $1,110 pp $1,050 pp $1,050 pp

The Volcanoes National Park lies north west from Kigali-Rwanda and borders with the of the Democratic Republic of Congo and The parks have the giant mountain , and comprises of the volcanoes of the Virunga Mountains ranges i.e. Muhabura, Gahinga and Sabyinyo, Karisimbi, Bisoke.

is located in the Musanze district with its capital town of Ruhengeri very famous for the Dian Fossey foundation, her famous hotel of muhabura along with Gorilla trekking Rwanda. It will take us at least 2 hours of drive time from Kigali city to the Volcanoes park Rwanda Here, it is possible for us to track the gorillas in a single day and return to Kigali City.

The sporadic tufts of trees with acacia and baobab species are a hide out to the traceable Rwanda Gorillas, Gorilla tracking Rwanda is a mouthwatering Rwanda Adventure, the park also harbors more than 150 bird species including at least 29 endemics to Rwenzori Mountains and the Virungas. Expected trip activities: Gorilla trekking rwanda, birding rwanda, kigali city tour, nature walks, Game trails, Mountain Hikes and Visiting Iby’iwacu cultural village where we have a chance to see their cultural drama preformed live to us alongside the queen and the king. And Visiting the genocide memorial, Kigali city tour and a walk through the markets, Gorilla trekking in the , Photography stop over points where we shall have a good view to take the thousand rolling hills from Kigali to the volcanoes and the nearby features.

Sightseeing Kigali town as we drive from Kigali through Musanze District to Kinigi for the start of the gorilla trip expedition on your 3 days trekking Gorillas Rwanda safari. Accommodation Hotel: Le’Bambou Gorilla Lodge

Day 1: Transfer to the Volcanoes Park for your 3 days gorillas rwanda Package

Arrive at Kigali Airport where our Driver / Tour guide picks you from. And then, have a brief lecture about our intended gorilla trip in Rwanda. Optional Accommodation Plan: Choose one of these hotels with different services and prices. Lodging hotels include; Muhabura Hotel, Mid range – Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge, Luxury, Mountain Gorilla View Lodge. Of Course along side a well prepared plan for our meals (Half-Board)

Day 2: Gorilla tracking in the Volcanoes Park-Rwanda.

An early breakfast, we drive for half a kilometre to Kinigi park offices which is a briefing centre for all travelers that we may actually find in the same centre. We shall be briefed possibly with other travelers about the area that we tend to visit. Accommodation: Again choose a hotel that you need in terms of price and Services. These include; Muhabura Hotel, Mid range – Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge, Luxury – Mountain Gorilla View Lodge. Our meal Plan for Day two, shall include a half-Board.

Day 3 Departure day. | End of our 3 days gorillas rwanda Safari

An early Breakfast, Then after we head for the cultural visit at the Iby’iwacu cultural center, There after our registered east Africa tour agency have lunch and drive back to Kigali.Meal plan shall again consist of a half-Board.

For the next activity we need to have these Gorilla tracking guidelines in our mind and Key equipment’s that you need to carry for your 3 days gorillas Rwanda Adventure: Hiking Shoes / Boots, Walking or Supporting Sticks, Rain Jackets, Insect Repellent, At-least 2 – 3 litters of bottled Water, Packed food, A porter to carry you or your bag in case you fail to make it.

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