2 Days Tree Climbing Lions Queen Elizabeth National Park

2 Days Tree Climbing Lions Queen Elizabeth National Park

2 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda wildlife Safari

This 2 Days Wildlife Uganda Safari gives you an authentic taste to the voluminous Queen Elizabeth National Park located in a serrenity pool of scorcthed Savannah grasslands where Uganda wildlife animals tend to habituate and feed from. The 2 Days Tree Climbing Lions Uganda safari tour gives an aroma to a finest Uganda Safari behind the Queen Elizabeth Savannah sporadic tufts of twisted trees, acacia and baobab taking us throuh the rewardable game park trails easing over game park humps, trenches, fine wet swamps and stone rivers as seen bashing through the game park towards the local communities settling along the shore banks.

2 Days Tree Climbing Lions Queen Elizabeth National Park

Our 2 Queen Elizabeth National Park wildlife Safari is a popular Tour Safari around Queen Elizabeth Nstional Park, the second biggest park in Uganda seen hugging the vast lands of kasese district, Kamwenge, Rubirizi, Rukungiri and Kamwenge on a recorded size of 400 kilometres. Queen elizabeth National Park Safaris extend from the rewarding famous lake George north-eastern part, pointing through the meandering kazinga channel to the welcoming Lake edward sin the south western side

The south western point of this park gives an adventurous Queen Elizabeth National Park wildlife Uganda tour safari with a spectacular view to the Uganda’s snow capped Mountain, the Rwenzori Mountains-Mountains of the moon in its background. With the Kazinga channel running through the park inhabited by a school of hippos, crocodiles, hundreds of birds, fishing spots and many more interesting tour zones, joining Lake Albert to George.

Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park on a 2 days wildlife Safari Uganda to have a chance to encounter with a variety of more than 600 species of birds and Queen Elizabeth wildlife animals to see. These include four of the big five that is the lion, buffalo, elephant and leopard. Other animals in the park include hippos, different species of antelopes like the Uganda kob, bushbucks, waterbucks, topis and a lot more.

Price per person for different numbers of people. (e.g. when 2 people, each pays $362 )
Number of people against price per person 2 – $362 pp 3 – $312 pp 4 – $285 pp 5 – $270 pp 6 – $260 pp 7 – $250 pp 8 – $235 pp 9 – $220 pp

An Authentic Guide to 2 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park

2 days queen elizabeth wildlife safari – Wild Life Safaris Uganda

This package is intresting, You can see that the Queen elizabeth wildlife in its blue on your guoided game drive, the horrifying ishasha sector makes it absorbing as you spot out numerous lions, staring kobs, grazing hippos and elephants among others

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