1 day Nairobi Naivasha Volcanic Crater Lake

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1 Day Nairobi Crater Lake is a peaceful and trendy adventure that takes you through the Africa’s Popular features in the wilderness. The road trails traverse through numerous eye blowing beautifully scenes.

A must to read about Nairobi City:

1 Day Nairobi invites us to the Green City in the Sun, the Capital City of Kenya- Nairobi. The name originated from the dominant clans, the Maasai– phrase ‘Enkare’ Nairobi, syndicating ‘cool water’ deprived from the presence of river Nairobi that is seen making its way through the Pleistocene city hugged by the outrageous dynamic flora and fauna. The rewarding town has attracted a high increase in population levels and generates the second highest rank of high population in the Great Lakes region.

Itinerary of our 1 day Nairobi Crater Lake

Our trusted tour staff/driver will be be honored to pick you up from your hotel as prior organized with African Adventures, Drive towards to the pointing edge of the east African Rift valley through the captivating farmlands of kikuyu. The rift valley aperture will prove to you the dynamics of Africa. The curving escarpments, hill slopes, rolling stones and the standing thin trees are visible to see and provide a magnificent picturesque in the hood.

The absorbing topography of the landscape shall lead us to the compelling crater lakes a step away from the Naivasha town regions, continue on the stony dusty trail, observe the wilderness and feel the gazing atmosphere of echos. Briefly, a 1 hour drive finally introduces us to highest elevations of the Kenyan Rift valley at 1,884 metres, the beauty of lake Naivasha in the western part of Kenya.

Finally, Spread to the arresting game drives along with the tour guide and our stuff/driver. Observe the green reflections covering the lake. Our guide will you some information about this Pleistocene era lake formed as a result of volcanicity. Explore the two supporting perennial rivers Malewa and Gilgil rivers which feed the pride of Naivasha Lake.

The Naivasha Game drives shall expose us to the Docile Naivasha tall Giraffes in the park reserves, antelopes, warthogs, kobs, duikers, elephants, lions, wildcats, hyenas, forest baboons, flamingos and many more.

Retreat back after midday for your lunch and relaxation in the adjacent Naivasha town which normally takes about 20 minutes, We shall later resume with the afternoon transfer to another part, a side away on lake Naivasha, be thrilled by a school of hundreds of bird species, White colobus monkey , grazing hippos etc and you will as well meet up the fishing community.

Depending on the time, you may also have a chance to further visit the famous museum Elsamere-famously known to be the home of the late George Adamson and Joy, it’s reachable in a shortest while, entry charge of about 10 dollars is charged to access this place, watch documentaries, read some findings etc. Well the afternoon land breeze finds us well relaxed in the overlay gardens near the lake or a full transfer to where we picked you from back in Nairobi city

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