1 Day Lake Mburo National Park Wildlife Safari


The stunning 1 day lake Mburo National Park kills our desire with open Savannah grasslands compacted in the green mburo wetland habitats raised on the sedimented metamorphic rocks shielding the wildlife species like the spotted leopards, jackals, waterbucks, Oribis, elands, zebras, buffaloes, hippos, topis, hyenas, reedbucks and the slimy impalas. The diversified mburo open woodlands are breeding ecological niches to over 350 bird species.

Its a fact that many wildlife species are coming to extinction, Mburo National park holds your memorable Uganda Safari 1 Day Lake Mburo National Park visiting the home of Impalas, marking it as the only park in Uganda with these species, their numbers have reduced to increased poaching.

Where to locate Mburo on a 1 day safari

Lake Mburo National park should be the first Africa park to cleanse your quest, just 228km a step away from the kampala city along the kampala-masaka high way, there stands seemingly limitless scrub waste without landmarks populated by mburo national park wildlife with adventurous safari activities in Kiruhura district western beauty of Uganda.

Itinerary of 1 Day Mburo National Park tour travel tips and Guidelines

A soothing morning in the welcoming finds you set for the 1 Day Lake Mburo National Park Uganda Safari, Our English safari guide through the sharp pointing hills in the sandstone outcropping in the relief land-forms traversing the western plateaus. Be calmed by the gentle elevating landscapes over the plains leading to the equator line in Mpiigi city after . Have a stop over for a magnificent picturesque as well having memorable pictures or buying yourself a souvenir.

The adventurous 1 Day Lake Mburo National Park road drive from Masaka to Mburo exposes you to the western sedimentary rocks surrendering adjacent the curving roads, these form better grazing regions to the western Ankole long horned cattle and other agricultural activities preferred by the locals on the rocky defined hills.

Finally, get to the park on your 1 Day Lake Mburo National Park safari through the Nshaara gate where you will be welcomed by the grazing Ankole long horned cows,topis, warthogs, zebras and the Savannah sporadic tufts of trees widely spaced with open canopies and the low lying woodlands that scorch to form Mburo open habitats for different wildlife.

An early morning drive, prepares us ready for the morning mburo game park activities, head for the Lake Mburo boat ride, Our guide will take you through the lake mburo tales about the lake and Kigarama hills, for bird lovers, the water loving birds give a sense of comfort as you spot out over 350 bird species in the Eco-region.

The flora near the lake is also marvelous it consists of five wetland dependent plants belonging to five genera. The boat ride takes about 1-2hours depending on your choice. Feel the nature of mburo at glance sailing on the other side of the country feeling the wrath behind the pearl of Africa.

Retire back, have lunch at your Safari budget restaurant as you prepare for the afternoon game drive through the Savannah woodland vegetation, You will spot out the mburo wildlife consisting of leopards, jackals, water-bucks, Oribis, elands, zebras, buffaloes, hippos, topis, hyenas, reedbucks, the slimy impalas, baboons, monkeys and other dwelling species. For bird lovers, prepare to enjoy the western birding zones in mburo park watching over 350 bird species.

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