1 Day Jinja Tour Source of the Nile- City Excursion

Travel to Jinja city on 1 day jinja Source of the Nile tour through the rocky defined environment with reverting Jinja safari tourist attractions that points out the thrilling adventurous activities that leave man with desire to come back, the Jinja city is one of the cities in Uganda’s with a rapid growth and highly toured as it holds the uganda’s natural gift-the source of the river Nile

A Guide to 1 day jinja Safari itinerary shall include our driver/tour guide, picking up from your hotel, transfering you back from your 1 day uganda city tour, Mineral water.

Start off the journey not later than 7am, the early morning drive is not to encounter with the traffic jam from your area of pick up up to the Jinja basins, the high ways from the capital City to Jinja are more used by the natives and tourists per day

Other than being the Capital Adventure of East Africa, it’s the biggest industrial city in the Eastern part of Uganda and sits on the shores of Lake Victoria holding the worlds famous longest river drainage basin-the Nile which covers eleven countries, namely, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt

It is in Jinja that the first and biggest hydro-electric power station was established, creating an enarmous chance to new rising industries being established thus rewarding Jinja, the second Largest economic activity in Uganda the pearl of Africa. Jinja is a tourist hub of its own, making it different from other cities / places because of its unique location near two big fresh water bodies of Lake Victoria and the Nile River. It is in Jinja that you will find unique features like the Source of the Nile River, among others, the Sezibwa falls, the big natural forest of Mabira and many more.

Tour | Safari inclusive: Transport, Meals(Lunch), Fuel, Guide/Driver, Entrance fee, Bottled water.Tour | Safari Exclusives: Tips, Craft shopping, personal upkeep.

There are quite a number of tourist activities in Jinja and they include white water rafting, bungee jumping, boat rides, quad bikes, the horseback riding, sport fishing, kayaking, boat cruises, cycling tours, nature walks and community tours, among others. As you set off for the 1 Day Jinja adventure, first 40 minute drive/20miles, you will have a stop at sezibwa falls which is believed to be a twin river produced by a woman who thought to have babies but gave birth to water.

sezibwa is also a well-known culture heritage for Buganda learn something from the Buganda kingdom as you see the beautiful spectacular falls with greenery around. Watch the serene of the spiritual grounds of Buganda kingdom. There is a traditional healer where Natives flock for blessings, seek children, and business promotions.

You will then drive back to the main road to continue with your journey to Jinja. On your way, you will have a view of the sugar plantations, tea plantations, all of which create beautiful sceneries. Expect a stopover at Namawojolo where you will see the road vendor selling their goods like roasted meat and chicken, fresh sweet bananas and more local food. They are not scared to run around the cars asking everyone to buy from them. Your next stop will be in Mabira forest, have your adventure in the largest natural forest in Uganda.The forest was once threatened to be given away for a sugar cane company.

The forest is a source of tree rubbers. Feel the atmosphere with the cool weather with the sounds of over 315 bird species. You might also spot out some birds like Nahans ,frandin ,Cassin hawk, eagle white spotted flu tail. See different tree species and butterflies flying over in the trees. Get to see small animals like squirrels and take pictures of different natures in the middle of the forest.

Enjoy the 1 Day Jinja nature walks as you take a look at the nature and the beautiful bird walks in the forest in our 1 day jinja tour package. As you enter jinja, stop at the Bridge of Owen falls Dam that generates hydro Electric power. It is the biggest station to generate and supply power in Uganda from water bodies through 10 turbines

Head to the source of the mighty Nile founded by Sir John Speke. It joins Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea where it’s emptied. The word Nile is derived from a Greek word meaning valley. It’s the main source of water to the countries of Egypt and Sudan. The river has two major twigs the White Nile and the Blue Nile that connects Sudan and Egypt.

The 1 Day Jinja tour Activities, what to do in Jinja

Be part of the 1 Day Jinja boat ride, the mighty Nile white water rafting, Tandem kayaking with an experienced guide who will take you down the rapid and try surfing at the Rive Nile, the reverting Bungee Jumping, Horse riding Uganda safaris, Jet boat drive, Terrain quad bike around the villages. The 1 Day Jinja City can be customized to include; a short visitation to the local people, try out bungee jumping though its not for faint hearted but visitors enjoy this to the fullest as they jump over the waters, kids or children above 7 years with no heart or health related problems also love this adventure, honey mooners or couples tend to love being tightened together to experience such unforgettable experience

Well there are un ending Jinja safari activities when you reach the source of the Nile at the heart of Uganda adventure, you can buy yourself a craft which you take with back home to have it as a life monument an indication to your friends that you placed a foot in the source of the River Nile. Retire back, end the Tour and head back to Kampala, hotel or residence for your one day trip. Our Safari guide/driver transfers you to the Airport or back to your hotel.

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1 Day Source of the Nile Jinja

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